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The production of crude oil in Xinjiang oil field is over ten million tons in 16 years

The production of crude oil in Xinjiang oil field is over ten million tons in 16 years

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  Chinese oil network news Xinjiang oilfield in 2017 cumulative production of 11 million 310 thousand tons of crude oil, 2 billion 840 million cubic meters of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas production were 160 thousand tons and 140 million cubic meters of oil and gas production for 3 consecutive years to achieve "double super" for 16 consecutive years over ten million tons of crude oil production.

  In 2017, Xinjiang oilfield to achieve profitability, overall excess completion of the production tasks, for the first time business listed and unlisted businesses "double profit", the State Council passed the safety assessment and the central environmental protection inspector "double National Examination", for 17 consecutive years of accident free safety and environmental protection.

  In 2017, Xinjiang oilfield guided by the nineteen spirits of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implemented the work plan of the group company, and made every effort to tackle the three tough battles of maintaining stability, ensuring safety, improving quality and increasing efficiency, and dealing with hidden dangers. We fulfilled the task of oil and gas production in an all-round way and realized the development of quality and efficiency.

  Xinjiang oilfield outstanding resource control, adhere to the benefits of development, continue to promote the integration of exploration and development, by strengthening fine management, promote efficient exploration and development with low cost, to increase reserves to increase production efficiency, strengthen technology research, break through the bottleneck of oilfield scientific development, promote new business on the quality and efficiency of development, has entered a new stage of sustainable development.

  The resource "6+1" project has made great achievements, the new found a number of high-quality scale oil reserves, with concave shape of Mahu sag, Jimsar dense oil development has made significant progress, the old oilfield engineering solid propulsion, horizontal well fracturing, volume + SAGD, fire flooding technology more mature supporting, promotes the development of ways to accelerate the transformation of to realize the effective development of super heavy oil reservoir, low permeability, and wake up the sleeping deep strata of the large number of non conventional resources.

  In 2016, the production of crude oil in Xinjiang oil field was seriously affected by the factors such as the shutdown and limited production, production capacity compression and the reduction of basic workload. The oil field companies focus on effective production and stable production. Since February 2017, they have been fighting for 90 days in production and production operations, winning the initiative of crude oil production. In the first half of 2017, the daily output of crude oil in Xinjiang oil field reached 31 thousand and 700 tons, and the excess surplus level was 101 tons, which is the earliest year of the remaining daily production in the whole year.

  Adhere to the "efficient, effective and efficient measures to block the well" priority principle, analysis of Xinjiang oilfield strengthening effect, accelerate the implementation of the rhythm, the fracturing and fill back the layers of offensive measures to complete the 806, the cumulative oil production of 207 thousand tons, respectively, over the same period last year increased 159, 64 thousand tons. Study on strengthening the integration of geological and engineering dessert Baikouquan oil production plant, through two years of research trials, forming a dessert choice + volume of temporary plugging fracturing technology, solves the low permeability reservoir and depletion production increase effect of poor reservoir permeability and multiple layers combination. In 2017, 40 oil plants were popularized and implemented. The oil production increased by 15 thousand and 800 tons in the year. The effective rate was 97.5%. The average daily oil increased by more than 5 tons per day. The cumulative oil increment during the effective period is more than 3 times that of ordinary fracturing.

  Xinjiang oilfield will transform the focus of water injection from fine to effective, and transform the water drive policy to low permeability oilfield: first, the well adaptability of water injection, the establishment of effective displacement system well group, horizon and reservoir control water injection. In 25 reservoirs, 125 wells were shut down, and the tonnes of oil consumed from 6.4 cubic meters to 5 cubic meters. The two is the reservoir with good water drive effect. By carrying out the demonstration project of "stabilizing oil and water control", we can continuously consolidate the foundation for stable production in the oilfield. The natural decline rate of the thin oil is controlled at 8.9%, and the water cut rise rate is stable at 1%, and the water drive oil increase is 374 thousand tons.

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