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The principle and characteristics of Hydrocyclone Desander are introduced

The principle and characteristics of Hydrocyclone Desander are introduced

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HydroCyclone Desander is made on the basis of the screening principle of solid particles in the fluid when rotating in the Desander. It integrates swirling flow and filtration and achieves remarkable effects in the field of water treatment, such as desanding, turbidity reduction and solid-liquid separation.


Hydrocyclone Desander is the use of the principle of centrifugal separation for bed cleaning, owing to the eccentricity of the inlet pipe installed in cylinder position, when the water through the Hydrocyclone Desander feed line, first along the tangent direction around the cylinder form fluid around the inclined downward, rotating flow goes down, when the water reaches a portion of the cone, and along the axis of cylinder rotate upwards, finally through the outlet pipe discharge, noise pollution in fluid inertial centrifugal force and under the action of its own gravity, the cone bottom cinder cone bucket wall into the equipment, the cone bottom is equipped with components to prevent clutter up flush, When the sundries accumulated in the slag hopper reach a certain degree, as long as the manual butterfly valve is opened, the sundries can flow out of the cyclone sand desander under the action of water flow.


Hydrocyclone Desander is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, as the water under a certain pressure from desanding inlet to tangential into the equipment, a strong rotation movement, as the density of sand and water is different, the centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid drag force, under the joint action of the water of the low density increased, the discharge outlet, dense sand due to the discharge outlet at the bottom of the equipment, so as to achieve the aim of sand.


Application: river water, well water Desander, coal washing water, industrial mineral processing, solid-liquid separation, liquid degassing and separation of non-mutually soluble liquids, etc. Can be applied to air conditioning water treatment, chemistry, petroleum, mining, medicine, textile and many other industries.


HydroCyclone Desander features


1, Junction copy structure is simple, easy to operate, safe and reliable, almost no maintenance.


2. Compared with the expansion tube, buffer box and other desanding equipment, it has the advantages of small size, large processing capacity and saves field space.


3. It can remove sand particles in the water in the process of uninterrupted water supply.


4. It avoids the phenomenon of water quality secondary pollution in other ways of desanding, and the efficiency of desanding is high.