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The principle and advantages of Jet Mud Mixing Pump

The principle and advantages of Jet Mud Mixing Pump

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Jet Mud Mixing Pump is also called Jet Mud Mixing Pump, which is matched with oil drilling solids control equipmentA kind of equipment used, mainly used to configure and increase the drilling fluid, change the drilling fluid The density, viscosity, loss of water, etc., are more prominent when used with shear pumps.


In addition, Kesheng Energy can design single jet or double jet according to customer requirements Mixing device.


Jet Mud Mixing Pump is a kind of equipment used with oil drilling solids control system.


A new type of mixing equipment designed by combining the Venturi tube with the original nozzle is not Only the structure is simple, and its feasibility is strong, it can meet the drilling requirements of 1500 to 9000 meters.


The aggravation and preparation of drilling fluid for well solids control system. At the same time, it can also be made according to customer requirements Used as a sand pump (or multiple) and a jet mixing funnel (or multiple)


The manifold valve connection is installed on a base for use. Weighted funnel and sand pump can be The combination can be installed separately, and the heavier funnel and the sand pump are connected by a manifold valve.


Jet Mud Mixing Pump is to uniformly mix drilling fluid solid additives with drilling fluid, suitable forBasic settings for drilling fluid preparation. The mixer adopts swirl mixing technology,It can quickly add drilling fluid materials such as bentonite and barite to the drilling fluid.


To meet the requirements of complex drilling technology. The product has a good mixing effect, adding materials Features such as fast speed and not easy to block.




The mud mixer consists of jet funnel and sand pump (jet pump, weighting pump), manifold and Combination of control cabinets.


Advantages of Jet Mud Mixing Pump:


1. The single jet mixing device consists of a sand pump and a jet mixing funnel.


And the valve group are connected and installed on a base to form a jet mixing device, double jet


The flow mixing device is a jet device composed of two sand pumps and two jet mixing funnels.Set.


2. The injection funnel and the sand pump can be combined or installed separately. The injection mixing funnel andThe sand pumps are connected by manifolds and valve groups.


3. Jet Mud Mixing Pump can effectively change the density, viscosity and water loss of drilling fluid At the same time, it can better enhance the material dispersion effect, increase the mixed liquid pressure head, and make The materials are fully circulated and mixed in the tank.