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The overseas drilling drilling footage of more than 400 thousand meters

The overseas drilling drilling footage of more than 400 thousand meters

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  Last year the footage doubled

  Steady increase in production efficiency

  Chinese oil network news reporter was informed that in October 31st, the overseas drilling drilling footage has reached 425 thousand meters, more than last year, the number of drilling footage doubled, to complete the annual plan of work 111.8%.

  Since the beginning of this year, the western drilling overseas business firmly grasp the opportunity of the engineering technology service market to pick up, because of the city change, market development breakthrough, production organization and technical management efficient operation.

  Western drilling overseas market development adhere to the principle of a game of chess, give full play to the overall advantages of technology, equipment, personnel, precise positioning, unified planning. Kazakhstan 3 projects of cooperation, the new contract amount grew two times, drilling sidetracking, new business integration, more complete industrial chain; in the Uzbekistan market, have been signed with 3 companies to restart a new chapter of cooperation.

  According to the new requirements of Kazakhstan interstate operations, difficult conditions and bad weather and Party A, Uzbekistan launched a new project staff training, drilling equipment debugging time, task difficulty, the project department in full support of headquarters and domestic foreign units, taking advantage of shaft whole industry chain, strengthen the professional coordination, continuous improvement professional service level.

  At present, the western drilling overseas production efficiency reached 96.43%, to achieve a comprehensive speed increase of 3%, drilling rig monthly speed increased by 11.63%. Aktau Project Department of drilling footage of nearly 200 thousand meters, Aktobe project department drilling footage exceeded 100 thousand meters, are the highest since 2014 the best results.

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