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The optimization of pre drilling new wells "management to promote early prenatal and postnatal care"

The optimization of pre drilling new wells "management to promote early prenatal and postnatal care"

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  In the past, drilling was carried out from the well coordinate, averaging more than 90 days.


  There are many links in land requisition, long period of EIA and slow rhythm before drilling.


  In advance, advance, advance the EIA land bidding, advance design, coordinate order, site reconnaissance, site construction etc. the whole chain of interlocking.


  From the well coordinates, the drilling is shortened from 90 days to 37 days.

  As of August 4th, the tower oil and gas development department from Nii coordinates to achieve drilling, inspection, procurement and other materials throughout the process, tighten "clockwork", to enhance Nii drilling time limit before drilling, the average cycle is 22.7 days shorter than the same period last year.

  Affected by the drilling construction, the EIA long cycle and other factors, from the past to coordinate well drilling, the average time spent more than 90 days, the equivalent of a basin wells in time, Nii often lose in the starting line. Nii dragged the production back, lead to "Nii also sprint and passive shortfall in output, yield".

  In order to let the new well "win" at the starting line, Tarim Oilfield to do "three by the front, a solid": the plan was issued by the front, the agency by the front command, logistics service, move three dimensional operation. Well design, external coordination, pre drilling preparation, installation, move logistics and other key "series" for "parallel", strict implementation of drilling preparation before operation, Nii before drilling production organization specifically responsible for the implementation, and will implement the responsibility to each link, each person, specific to each time node, the the construction of seamless, ranging from well drilling rig, ranging from moving vehicles, ranging from drilling materials, ranging from operation coordination.

  Drilling before land acquisition, "two ends" tight middle. In the past there is a new land area land wells often Populus euphratica forest, wetland and other sensitive areas, as well as some single well equipment, pipelines and other land reclamation and overrun legacy "the end", in the new wells demonstration stage, and scientific research departments, to carry out EIA unit joint reconnaissance, coordination of oil the relationship between team and optimizing drilling and other aspects of synchronous operation, effectively saving land acquisition time. Before the drilling of HA 304H well, the occupation of the land before drilling only takes 2 days.

  The drilling design changed from "single line" to "parallel line"". In the past, Nii deployment lag, the problem of oil and gas production effect, adhere to the integration of scientific research and production, the joint office, reservoir, drilling and production, surface engineering, work hand in hand, completely changed the next process as a process variable, "single line operation to multi line parallel, Nii I determined after the issuing organization coordinate, synchronized wellbore structure discussion program, improve the efficiency of nearly 50%, well deployment 6 months earlier than last year.

  Location planning changes the planned roadmap to action". Scientific research units innovative work model, the implementation of 4 to 6 months ahead of the deployment of good location "schedule", and in accordance with the principle of priority, good preparation and investment calculation, seamless work. Up to now, the annual well location, stage, drilling and completion rates are 100%.

  At present, the Tarim oilfield drilling operation before construction to keep forward state from the location coordinates to drill from 90 days to 37 days, according to the current average of 16 tons of crude oil production of single well calculation, and can produce 200 thousand tons of crude oil, the equivalent of a new small oilfield.

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