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The old customer once again ordered the export of Russian accessories such as the cyclone desilter from Tangshan Aojie Solid Control, which is now shipped.

The old customer once again ordered the export of Russian accessories such as the cyclone desilter from Tangshan Aojie Solid Control, which is now shipped.

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The old customer once again ordered Tangshan Aojie solid-controlled cyclone desilter, cyclone desander, and cyclone clamp outlet accessories, which have been shipped.

This time for the second time for the old customers to purchase the desilter, the desilter is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation. The separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump, and spirally enters along the inner wall of the cyclone. The coarse particles spirally sink along the inner wall of the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, are discharged from the bottom flow port, and are separated on the lower moving vibrating screen, and the remaining medium spirals up along the cyclone. The desilter has high separation capacity and wide separation particle size; the bottom flow port of the cyclone has a pressure-like umbrella-like “wet bottom” sand discharge, so that the particles in the separation zone can be quickly discharged, reducing the probability of blockage of the bottom flow port; advanced small two The screen mud vibrating screen has large processing capacity, low noise and long life of the screen; the symmetrical liquid inlet mechanism makes the swirl distribution reasonable and stable.

The cyclone desander is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference. When the water flows from the sand removal inlet to the equipment in a tangential direction under a certain pressure, a strong rotary motion is generated. Due to the different density of sand and water, the centrifugal force, Under the combined action of centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid drag, the low-density water is lifted and discharged from the water outlet, and the dense sand is discharged from the sewage outlet at the bottom of the equipment to achieve the purpose of sand removal.
1. Simple structure, easy operation, safe and reliable use, almost no maintenance.
2. Compared with sand removal equipment such as enlarged tubes and buffer boxes, it has the advantages of small volume, large processing capacity and space saving.
3. The sand in the water can be removed during the uninterrupted water supply process.


4. It avoids the phenomenon of secondary pollution of water quality in other sand removal methods, and has high sand removal efficiency.
A batch of accessories produced by Aojie Solid Control has been loaded and shipped.
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