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The necessity of trenchless mud recycling system

The necessity of trenchless mud recycling system

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The non-open mud recycling system integrates the first-stage vibrating screen treatment and the second-stage desander or desilter treatment. Through the optimized combination of the system, a larger treatment capacity can be obtained.

mud recycling system

Advantages of non-open mud recycling system: The product can recycle 80-90% of mud. It can save 40-50% of bentonite. The particle size of the treated mud is less than 60 microns, and the mud treated by the desilter is less than 30 microns. This product is especially beneficial to water-scarce areas. The problem of mud discharge at the construction site is solved, and it will no longer have an adverse impact on the surrounding ecological environment. This product only has the function of mud purification and recovery, and needs to be used in conjunction with the on-site mud mixing station.

Why use a trenchless mud recycling system?
1. Save engineering costs and reduce the amount of bentonite;
2. Reduce the footprint of the pit you love;
3. Reduce the cost of outbound transportation of waste mud;
4. Reduce the intensity of mud configuration and improve work efficiency;
5. Reduce the environmental pollution of waste mud and improve the corporate image of the construction party.

Application value analysis of mud recycling system

In the current situation of increasingly fierce competition in the trenchless industry, the cost of mud cannot be ignored. The main cost is embodied in the costs incurred in each link of bentonite, water, equipment and labor, and waste mud removal and treatment. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the mud recycling system cannot be ignored.