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The international drilling company drilling footage million meters

The international drilling company drilling footage million meters

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  China oil network news September 20th, western drilling international drilling company drilling 461, completion of 393, total footage of 1 million 4 thousand meters, this is the second in 2013 after the company once again attack million meters mark, and over 102% year ahead of the completion of assessment indicators footage.

  Since the beginning of this year, the international drilling company closely around the western drilling group company and the overall work plan, market and strong management extension to adhere to walking on two legs, six constant "measures, effectively promote the work of Pinqiang market share for grasping production connection, promote the work smooth and orderly operation.

  Up to now, the domestic and foreign markets of international drilling companies have increased in volume and efficiency. The domestic market more flowering: Yumen market growth of 34% workload, the market share of more than 90%; for the 100 thousand metre Turnkey Business Changqing market, operating area from 1 to expand to 8; the market share and the use of drilling rate reached 100%. The company signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang oil field, with the high quality completion of YS118H1-1 well as an opportunity to obtain the follow-up workload of Yang Jing, 1 wells, and so on. The CBM project has made a breakthrough and expanded from 4 teams to 10 teams.

  Overseas, the Kazakh market continued to consolidate the project owner: Aktau MMG company, BOL oilfield, Buzachi oilfield and KBM oilfield 154 wells of the workload, record the best level in the same period. In two the Aktobe project construction contractor integrated horizontal well revealsits talent, win the favor by Party A quality construction, 5 teams received continuous workload; Ukraine in stopped nearly three years after the "ashes", based on the project of 11 wells drilling big workload and Ming 15 well, again gaining 16 repair wells and 14 wells project project.

  Since the beginning of this year, Yumen market drilling machine utilization rate reached 100%, drilling rig month, month speed increased by 28% and 15% respectively, the production time limit reached 98.86%, becoming the best use of drilling rigs in recent years. Sulige project in February 28th to achieve all 13 teams drilled. At present, footage of 260 thousand meters have been completed and the implementation of green construction, party a high praise. Aktau 140 days overseas project footage exceeded 100 thousand meters, up to 6 months in advance; keziluoerda project 114 days ahead of the completion of the annual index footage.

  In the first 9 months of this year, the company's drilling speed and drilling rate increased by 12.34% and 10.72% compared with the same period of the previous year, and production efficiency and drilling time were as high as 96.52% and 41.02% respectively.

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