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The four company of Bohai drilling speed of more than 20%.

The four company of Bohai drilling speed of more than 20%.

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  As of August 15th, the four company of Bohai drilling of domestic and foreign markets were drilled 194 wells, completion of 184, the cumulative drilling footage of 625 thousand meters, an increase of 39.4% over last year. Remarkably, the average drilling speed and penetration rate of the company increased by 22.4% and 19.4% respectively over the same period of last year in the case of high difficulty wells and complex structural wells.

  Faced with persistent low oil prices, the company clearly realized: quality and efficient construction services to reflect the most powerful, but also the most convincing "living advertising."". In this regard, the company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, tackling key technology, "threshold", "quasi speed" of "stopwatch."".

  The innovation of science and technology, new energy injection speed

  "Really can not underestimate the hydraulic oscillator, to help us at one stroke to refresh the Wuqiang region, the minimum drilling cycle, drilling speed of the fastest two records." After the 50006 team completed the construction of the strong 163X well, Captain Meng Wei said excitedly at the technical summing up meeting.

  Innovation is a perpetual motion". The company aimed at the new tools, new technology and new technique to solve the drilling problem: the use of salt water drilling fluid system, effectively inhibit shale collapse; the use of hydraulic oscillator, solve the directional drilling pressure, improving whipstocking section drilling speed; under balanced drilling well technology with liquid, prevent and reduce the maximum drilling accident.

  In the process of construction, combined with the actual production at the scene, the company insists on independent innovation, and actively introduces all kinds of new tools and methods. "Don't take these new scientific and technological achievements in the boudoir, but to actively explore bold attempt." Chief engineer Zhang Yongqing said.

  In May 18th, the company received the difficult task of construction of well Su 12-7X well, trajectory control and completion logging speed has become the bottleneck. In this regard, technical personnel in the drilling fluid formula bold innovation, improve the "wall wall protection" capacity. In the end, the well records two technical indexes of the block at the same time. Compared with the fastest construction well in the same block, the drilling speed and the drilling speed are increased by 144% and 36% respectively.

  Top design, into the new method of speed

  In June this year, Wang Yong, the company's manager, took advantage of an oil production plant to revisit the opportunity to discuss the drilling technology currently being used by the construction wells and oil production plants. This is a microcosm of the company's attention to top-level design.

  The company adhering to the "win in the top-level design philosophy, combined with the geological lithological characteristics, careful analysis of well construction has been completed, problems identify construction, develop a detailed construction plan, ensuring drilling speed.

  "We are in the early stage of a refined silk, will be able to provide a convenient drilling speed." Bohai drilling four Company Engineering Department heads. Before construction, the company actively implement the "joint assessment" method, participate in the invitation to the construction side, engineering and technical services units and related parties, from the construction sequence and technical measures, from the well profile design to drilling tool selection, one by one to focus on determining, providing optimized version of the construction scheme for the drilling team.

  At the same time, the company established communication and exchange system, through regular exchanges with the construction side, improve drilling construction program to meet construction needs. In the gas down 6-2 to 5 wells in the construction of communication, technical personnel and the construction of the party, the "plugging" supramolecular chemistry technology, effectively solve the leakage problem. The first 7 months of this year, the company complex accident, aging rate of 0.05 percentage points lower than the same period last year, of which coal-bed methane, the Iraqi market to maintain complex accidents, zero record.

  Experience sharing, import acceleration, acceleration

  In June 28th, coal-bed gas market of this company 40698 team captain Zhang Wenqiang led the technical backbone to 40508 brothers team team, ask the construction technique of small curvature oi slant well. It is not uncommon for teams to communicate with each other in order to improve together.

  For the same market, the same block, the company seriously collect data, summarize construction difficulties, refining experience and practice, forming block templates. The end of each round of well construction, the company organized technical personnel to conduct the analysis from the aspects of bit selection, the performance of drilling fluid and drilling parameters, and the lack of empirical analysis, timely promotion of advanced practice, revising and improving the speed of template.

  The company adhere to the technical system of regular meetings, through the form of a video conference, the organization of all technical personnel to participate in technical exchanges, for the first time given to solve the difficulties in the construction of a representative organization, problems and technical measures for the full discussion, giving top priority to improve the technical personnel for the complex prevention and response ability.

  In March 16th 40508, down to the 6-2 team for drilling 5 wells, the drilling cycle of 19.63 days again within 20 days in the drilling cycle control target. The same month, the 40698 team bearing drill down 8-2B wells, conventional well drilling cycle in the drilling cycle 18.13 days to refresh the record created by the 40508 team.

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