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The first ultra deep slim hole directional drilling in Tarim Oilfield has been drilled in China

The first ultra deep slim hole directional drilling in Tarim Oilfield has been drilled in China

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  China oil network news reporter was informed that in July 28th, the Tarim Oilfield successfully completed the slim hole directional drilling in ultra deep well ha 702C, to create a domestic directional well, the minimum size of the same size the number of records of directional footage.

  With the increase of production period of oil wells, most of the oilfields in China have entered the middle and late stages of development. Part of the old block in Tarim Oilfield also need to create Nii's eye in the old well shaft on the basis of better mining residual oil. Slimhole window is the best choice to improve the efficiency of the.

  Well 702C is designed to be 7209 meters deep. It is the first well laid out in the Tarim basin with a well diameter of 104.8 mm. This well has a depth of sidetrack point, hole size and small hole compressive torsional strength of small number of drilling problems, the geological conditions of drilling construction personnel are facing the underground block of high temperature, the hydrogen sulfide content of higher demanding.

  Read a good management, like stumbling block. To complete the super deep hole directional drilling operation smoothly, Tarim Oilfield should not only overcome the difficult series of sidetracking space severely restricted and old wells after fracturing pressure, must also achieve a high build rate to meet the target requirements. Therefore, pay attention to the use of science and technology in Tarim Oilfield and strengthening quality management, each unit closely, in-depth analysis of HA 702C hole drilling, a detailed demonstration of wellbore structure change process and optimization program, improve drilling plan and supporting measures, will be a strong sense of responsibility, skilled technical management personnel stationed in the field, to ensure the safety of 702C wells Kazakhstan high quality and high efficiency drilling.

  Use one's trump card and take China's life. According to the geological conditions and engineering status, the drilling of CCDC second Tarim exploration company daily "Zhuge will be held at the site, the implementation of engineering technology, drilling and geological dynamic monitoring, improve drilling efficiency. According to the well drilling team design, timely follow-up drilling develop detailed security measures in drilling, mud and equipment by the person responsible for the hand guard, efficient completion of the construction work in directional wells of 104.8 mm ultra small diameter borehole.

  It is understood that ha 702C created ultra deep well drilling in slim hole directional well drilling, MWD the highest measured circulating temperature measurement of borehole inclinometer maximum number of closed distance drilling for oil in the record, Chinese ultra small diameter borehole directional drilling technology has accumulated valuable experience at the same time, also for the domestic development of Oilfield, complex wells to explore a set of feasible technical solutions.

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