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The first downhole oil-water separation technique in Jilin oilfield has been successfully tested

The first downhole oil-water separation technique in Jilin oilfield has been successfully tested

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  Chinese oil network news (reporter Wang Shanshan correspondent Zhang Tianhe) July 5th, Jilin oilfield in Yingtai area to carry out the pilot test of downhole oil-water separation technology for 1 months, this is the first such test technology of oilfield development.

  After the test, the square 6-1 well produces 35.4 tons of liquid and 2.3 tons of daily oil, the moisture content is 93.5%, and the water level is 72 cubic meters per day. After calculation, after the measures to reduce the cost of 300 yuan, increasing 1.9 tons of oil.

  The old Yingtai area belongs to the natural water drive reservoir, and the development of the edge and bottom water is sufficient. The production of the oil well is of high liquid content and high water content, and the liquid production is proportional to the oil production. In order to increase oil production, large pumping method is adopted. On the one hand, this way can make the ground water treatment station load increasing, ground processing capacity can not meet the needs of oil output liquid separation; on the other hand, the huge oil daily processing capacity resulting in increased cost of mining, and sewage treatment will also bring potential environmental problems.

  Downhole oil-water separation technology is the direct separation of oil-water mixture in underground oil and natural gas, and the remaining water is out of the ground, the ground of output liquid is greatly reduced, the water content decreases, can greatly alleviate the ground treatment station water treatment pressure, and reduce the potential environmental risks.

  For the smooth implementation of this technology in Jilin oilfield, the relevant technical staff is well selection and process types such as in-depth discussion, after repeated comparison and screening, and ultimately determine the test in 6-1 wells, the selection of injection recovery process.

  Fang 6-1 well belongs to high production liquid and high water cut well, and its daily production is more than 180 cubic meters. The cost is high, whether it is lifting, gathering, separating or separating. In June 2nd, researchers carried out the first downhole oil water separation technology test in Jilin oilfield, Fang 6-1. The downhole tools in this process are various, and the operation procedure is complex. Through a series of complex means, such as test injection, through well scraping, and down pipe sealing, the process is finally successful. On this basis, the Jilin oilfield will expand the test scale for similar problems, and help the stable production increase in the old liberated areas.

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