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The characteristics and working principle of mud tank agitators

The characteristics and working principle of mud tank agitators

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Mud tank agitators belong to the equipment of the drilling fluid tank type solids control system. They are mainly used for the stirring and mixing of drilling fluid to prevent the solid phase particles of the drilling fluid from depositing in the tank type circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid is stable and the mixing is uniform. The agitator of solids control equipment is composed of four parts: explosion-proof motor, reducer, base and pulsator assembly. The motor and the reducer, the reducer and the pulsator shaft are all connected by a rigid coupling, and the pulsator is assembled by welding four blades.

mud tank agitators

Features of mud tank agitators:

  1, a circular cylindrical worm reducer is adopted, the shaft section is a circular cylindrical worm, and the tooth profile of the worm gear is a circle conjugated to the worm. Therefore, the convex-concave meshing performance is reliable, the benefit is high, and the structure is compact.
  2, the combination of a reducer and an explosion-proof motor is convenient for maintenance and suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field.
  3, the stirring intensity is large, the spreading range is wide, and the starting resistance torque is reduced.
  4, the motor is placed horizontally, easy to install, adjust and replace.

  Mud tank agitators structure and working principle:

  Structure: This device is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and pulsator components. The motor and reducer, and the reducer and pulsator shaft are all connected by a rigid coupling. The pulsator is assembled by welding 4 blades.

  Working principle: The impeller can make the stirring liquid produce vortex motion, thereby enhancing the stirring effect. The tray sandwiched between the blades can also prevent the solid particles of the mud from depositing around the lower blades after shutdown. This use can reduce the drag torque of the sediment on the blades during startup, thereby avoiding overloading and burning of the motor.

  Mud tank agitators installation and maintenance:

1. When installing mud tank agitators, the agitator should be hoisted horizontally and placed steadily at the position to be installed. After adjusting the coaxiality <0.39mm, weld 4 M16 sockets to the tank body, and tighten the fixing bolts of the base. .
  2. The mud tank agitators rigid coupling must be equipped with spring pads and should be firm and reliable, otherwise it will cause the pulsator shaft to deflection and aggravate the wear of the reducer.