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The United States gives Iraq a temporary exemption to import natural gas and electricity from Iran.

The United States gives Iraq a temporary exemption to import natural gas and electricity from Iran.

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The US Embassy in Iraq said that the US side agreed to grant Iraq a 45-day exemption to continue importing natural gas and electricity from Iran during this period.
The US Embassy posted a video on the social media "Twitter": "The United States granted Iraq a 45-day temporary exemption to continue to purchase natural gas and electricity from Iran."
The US Embassy said: "This exemption will give Iraq time to take steps to transition to energy independence." Reuters reported on the 10th that the US side agreed to a 45-day exemption with conditions that Iraq must not pay for imports of Iranian natural gas and electricity in US dollars. Money.
US President Donald Trump ordered a general agreement to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear issue and resume sanctions against Iraq in May. The first batch of sanctions was relaunched in August, involving non-energy fields such as Iranian metals, minerals, and automobiles; the second batch of sanctions was restarted on the 5th of this month, involving Iranian energy and finance. On the same day, the US announced that it would grant exemption to eight Iranian crude oil importers for a period of six months.
Iraqi officials have repeatedly stated that the Iraqi economy is closely related to Iran and the United States should exempt it within a certain range.
The US sanctions against Iran target more than 700 entities and individuals, including 50 Iranian banks and their affiliates, as well as many aircraft.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani issued a televised speech on the 10th, reaffirming that US sanctions will not hurt the Iranian economy, because sanctions have actually begun before the US officially launched the second batch of sanctions.
"The United States has exhausted all its weapons. For us, this is nothing new," Rohani said. "They released a long list of banks and their branches, airlines and their planes, only to show them. I want to influence us psychologically."
Iranian officials have previously said that some of the sanctions on the US list are confusing. For example, Iran’s Tate Bank closed down in 2012; the Panamanian tanker “Sangji” wheel sank in January this year; Iranian Airlines’ multiple Boeing 747s were built in the 1970s and have long been grounded.
On the 6th, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Zarif used the "tweet" to ridicule the United States to play psychological warfare, using television to promote the so-called extreme pressure, but the result was directed at "a bank that closed down six years ago, and one already Sunken ship."