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The OGEM solid control customized mud circulation system is sold to many countries in the world

The OGEM solid control customized mud circulation system is sold to many countries in the world

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  OGEM solid control has always been committed to providing efficient, economical and reasonable mud circulation system for global customers and make unremitting efforts. Since the establishment of the company, our customers design and customize many countries in the world thousands of mud purification circulation system, the mud circulation system not only 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM purification system, more complete 30 rigs, 40, 50 and 70 drill drill rig drilling fluid circulating system. These mud cleaning systems have played an important role in the construction of drilling sites around the world.

  With more and more trenchless drilling and directional drilling company drilling mud circulation and discharge of the increasingly high demand, OGEM solid control system for the small and the purification of non excavation industry custom more customers.

  Generally speaking, the mud treatment and purification system produced by OGEM solid control mainly includes the following key equipment:

  Drilling fluid vibrating screen: drilling fluid vibrating screen is the first purification equipment in mud purification system, and also the most important solid-liquid separation equipment. The utility model is mainly used for separating large particles, drilling chips and other harmful solid phases in drilling mud.

  Desander desilter: sand removal by drilling mud pump will enter the high-speed cyclone, through high speed centrifugal movement will be a greater proportion of the screen underflow in further eliminate mud separation, while the proportion of light mud into the next link for further purification.

  Horizontal decanter centrifuge: horizontal decanter centrifuge is a high-speed rotating through the drum, centrifugal separation, the role of solid particles settling into the barrel wall, and then screw it out. The utility model is mainly used for separating the harmful solid phase of smaller particles in the drilling mud.

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