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The Great Wall drilling team GW308 five years zero loss hours

The Great Wall drilling team GW308 five years zero loss hours

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  China oil network news, the Great Wall drilling comprehensive project department and Iraq Rumaila Party (ROO) jointly issued by the zero lost time incident 5 years to the GW308 team (English LTI FREE) trophies and medals for the team, 5 years of production safety commend.

  In October 2011, GW308 started the first well, and HSE faced many difficulties. The GW308 team will continue to strengthen the training of the staff in accordance with the standards of Party A's drilling and workover operations, HSE and other related knowledge, international advanced concepts and management systems. At present the team in Iraq Rumaila oilfield construction safety wells.

  The team urged all staff to memorize the workover procedures, strengthen equipment maintenance, optimize the movement process, pay attention to detail tips, and ensure safety without dead ends. Conscientiously implement safety operation rules in production, combine safety awareness with skill training.

  Refining the HSE management system. According to the different requirements of each position of different responsibilities, skills and equipment using management and maintenance, each job management responsibility, work responsibilities and standards are clearly described, combined with quantitative assessment indicators, the real realization of territorial responsibility homing, territorial horizontal management without blind spots, no vertical management loopholes.

  Strengthen the management of HSE territory. GW308 team fully implement the territorial responsibility system, so that the security responsibility from the wall of the system norms into posts and work in the actual action, to achieve "my territory, I am responsible, your territory, I have the responsibility."". Forming a long-term mechanism for the safe production of all persons responsible for the territory.

  Tracking implementation of hidden governance. The implementation of "credit management sales numbers on the risks, the staff found hidden dangers, to establish a detailed risk management account and STOP, will not be safety equipment, safety and environmental safety personnel safety information recorded in the books in a timely manner, timely feedback to the relevant person in charge, to find a solution, until the problem is eliminated.

  Carry out risk identification in a comprehensive way. Whenever there is a greater risk of operation, fill out the "job safety analysis" to the team, make a detailed risk assessment of equipment, operation and environment, and take preventive measures, to prompt the found whenever and wherever possible unsafe behavior. At the same time, to detect hidden dangers and make reasonable suggestions for employees to reward. At the same time, make full use of the work permit (PTW), STOP card (TBT), and the toolbox meeting four coverage and other security tools, each work refinement duty, to implement the security system, and will be normalized, effectively reduce the operational risk, the safety education, safety consciousness, safety procedures in-depth mind form a habit.

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