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The Great Wall drilling shale gas testing market tree brand

The Great Wall drilling shale gas testing market tree brand

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  Chinese oil network news November 22nd, row of measurement tasks satisfactorily ending back at the national level the Great Wall drilling company testing shale gas project team CS2107 take the longest shale gas well YS113H1-7, production test for high yield sustained Nissan 266 thousand and 600 cubic meters of shale gas, as Zhejiang oilfield in Zhaotong demonstration area of shale gas in the gas block Nissan Zijin high wells. The operation is successful, by Party A praise, but also put up the Great Wall drilling big brands in shale gas market test.

  The early wells by fusing bridge plug fracturing flowback after testing, can keep well structure whole wellbore in the later period, reduce sand sand plugging caused by risk, but the first injection well effect of 45 bridge plug for drilling and grinding, drilling and grinding cycle not only on the ground return row compression ability test equipment put forward new challenges to long, and the pressure loss during the drilling plug formation and the pollution caused by the near wellbore end of late flowback test scheme scientifically formulated to bring certain influence.

  In order to ensure the construction quality and efficiency, optimize the construction process of the company, technical personnel, strengthen communication with superior departments and party a further argument, decided to adopt the "five three" manifold group, reduce erosion of equipment plug drilling period; and the external control fluid manifold, with fast efficiency of equipment maintenance, replacement gate the use of online tools are designed, on manifold pathway class maintenance, security operation continuity, effectively avoid the risk of sinking sand bottom.

  In order to ensure safe production, the company strengthened emergency drills. Before the construction of personnel for risk identification YS113H1-7 wells, make risk control list, and according to the main risks were organized by pressure leakage, flood control, relief personnel, leakage of hydrogen sulfide and other on-site emergency drills for the safe operation of the successful completion of wells and lay a solid foundation.

  The company relies on shale gas testing experience and strict working attitude, careful analysis of wells, innovation test process, help party a scientific and rational planning of flowback test work, solve the problem of sand back row in the process of testing, the successful completion of the task of flowback test.

  The construction quality testing work, but also for the next step for the evaluation of the Yunnan Guizhou Longmaxi North Zhaotong national demonstration area of shale gas shale reservoir development characteristics and gas, and high pressure gas shale gold dam operation area of horizontal well design provides an important reference.

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