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The Chinese government approved CNOOC to study "future oil", and "hundreds of billions of tons of oil fields" is expected to be developed in three years.

The Chinese government approved CNOOC to study "future oil", and "hundreds of billions of tons of oil fields" is expected to be developed in three years.

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Combustible ice, what is it?
Flammable ice, in short, burning ice, known as "gas hydrate"
Combustible ice, what's the matter?
CNOOC is responsible for the commercial exploitation of flammable ice.
What is the significance of the commercial exploitation of combustible ice?
It's too bad to sum up. To the small, let the oil practitioners have the money!
Flammable ice, how soon is the fastest way to achieve commercial exploitation?
In three years!?
Recently, the strategy research of natural gas hydrate will start to be held in Beijing China CNOOC building.
    CNOOC as the support unit declaration of the State Key Laboratory of natural gas hydrate has been approved by the State Ministry of science and technology of construction, and held a State Key Laboratory of natural gas hydrate and gas hydrate in the opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the technical innovation alliance at the meeting.
The ice fire
    May 18, 2017, announced the Chinese Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of land and resources, China's achievement in the Shenhu Area in the northern South China Sea Test of combustible ice, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued a congratulatory message to the test.
    Thus, "flammable ice" is no longer limited to the structure of the scholar's laboratory, but is a new thing in the circle of public friends.
    Why is flammable ice fire?
    The reason is very simple, because it is ice but with "heat", and the reserves are not small, once burning, detonating the world.
    It is estimated that the content of organic carbon in flammable ice is equivalent to two times that of the known coal, oil and natural gas. Due to the characteristics of high efficiency, cleanliness and large volume, flammable ice is regarded as a strategic alternative energy in the world by the world. At present, the theory and technology research on the development of flammable ice resources is booming.
    Compared with traditional fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, the research of combustible ice has just started. If the "ice" can successfully achieve commercial exploitation, then for the petroleum industry, mining, storage and transportation will be a new breakthrough.
A billion - grade oil field
    The large reserves of combustible ice are the most widely known reasons.
    Flammable ice is mainly distributed in two types of regions around the world: one is the sea depth of 300 to 3000 meters deep, and two is the land permafrost area, especially the north and South permafrost regions.
    It is predicted that the global gas hydrate resources are equivalent to 21 trillion tons of oil equivalent. In short, it is combustible ice reserves greatly, limitless resources.
    How large is the reserves of China's flammable ice? The data will make you chill!
    According to the resource type and occurrence state of natural gas hydrate, combined with geological conditions, we preliminarily predict that the amount of China's flammable ice resources is equivalent to 1000 billion tons of oil, of which the South China Sea is the main distribution area of China's flammable ice. Li Jinfa, deputy director of the China Geological Survey, previously pointed out.
    At present, China has proved that China's fuel consumption exceeds 792 billion tons of oil equivalent. With China's consumption of 5 billion tons of oil per year, China has proved that the flammable ice has been available for 155 years. Natural gas from flammable ice is the same as conventional gas used for civilian and industrial fuels, chemical and electricity generation.
How much is the probability of industrialization?
    Such a huge amount of idle resources, it is equivalent to the "Bo Tim Tin Mat".
    Waste is the same as a crime. As a responsible oil practitioner, you can not help asking, "how long will the ice be industrialized?"
    The answer is not uniform.
    Ideally, it is realized within three years. In the case of reason, ten years later.
    According to the Ministry of land and resources of science and technology innovation plan, "13th Five-Year" period, through the development of deep sea oil and gas and combustible ice exploration and development technology and equipment, China will promote the ocean mineral exploration and marine engineering production of combustible ice, and strive to 2020 to achieve commercial production, full of deep sea diving and deep sea floating nuclear power technology development platform.
    Qiu Haijun, director of the 2017 production Chinese combustible ice field command office said: "the status quo Chinese combustible ice investigation and technical reserves based on the expected commercial exploitation of combustible ice is expected to achieve China around 2030."
    Yang Shengxiong, chief engineer of the Guangzhou Oceanographic Survey Bureau of the China Geological Survey, expects to realize the industrialization of combustible ice in 2030.  
    In order to realize the commercialization of combustible ice, China has accelerated the research process of combustible ice in the last two years.
    In May 2017, the first successful test China "combustible ice".
    In November 2017, China's State Council formally approved the list of flammable ice as the 173rd species of China, and the legal status of combustible ice was established.
    In 2018, the research of China's flammable ice entered the stage of "running horse circle". According to reports, Fugro company signed a $40 million contract with the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey Bureau, planning of natural gas hydrate exploration in the northern slope of the South China sea. The project is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2018.  
    Although the state attaches great importance to the "flammable ice", we all know that "the speed of desire is not reaching". Based on the current situation, there is still a long way to go in China's flammable ice mining.