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Why shale shaker screen premature failure?
Why shale shaker screen premature failure? Improper handling of screen panels during storage Improper handling during installation Improper installation of the vibrating screen on the vibrating basket
What is drilling fluids mud agitator ?
mud agitator and mud mixer with mud tank
The horizontal directional crossing
The horizontal directional crossing (HDD) mud purification system purifies the solid particles in the mud. The solid control equipment is used to remove the harmful solids in the mud and retain the useful solids, so as to meet the requirements of the crossing process on the mud performance. The harmful solid phase in the horizontal directional crossing mud mainly refers to the drilling cuttings that wear the equipment and affect the rheological properties of the mud.
Trenchless mud purification system
The trenchless mud purification system separates the excavated spoil from the liquid / mud base fluid. According to the different drilling strata, the size of clay is smaller than that of sandy soil, and the size of rock cutting is larger than both. The smaller the particle size, the more difficult it will be to separate the spoil, and the slurry will be recycled in drilling.
The service life of screw pump stator rubber material analysis and research
Screw pump oil production as a kind of widely used in the production of high yield of heavy oil well drilling machine, existing (years of history.
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