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Technical parameters of hydrocyclones and Hydrocyclone Desander supplier

Technical parameters of hydrocyclones and Hydrocyclone Desander supplier

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The   Hydrocyclone Desander is an   effective separation device that uses centrifugal force field to separate two-phase fluids. It is a non-moving separation device composed of an upper cylinder and a lower cone.


The principle is that after the slurry is injected into the barrel from the ore tube in a tangential, involute or spiral manner, the mixture of medium and particles rotates to form a centrifugal force field, and particles (or liquid phases) of different sizes and densities are generated Different trajectories, under the action of centrifugal force, medium resistance and other force fields, coarse particles and high-density particles move to the periphery and are discharged from the grit through the cone; fine particles and low-density particles (or liquid phase) It moves to the center and is discharged by the overflow pipe, and finally realizes the separation of the coarse and finely divided solid particles and fluids of different densities.


Different uses naturally put forward different requirements on the technical parameters of Hydrocyclone Desanders, including structural parameters, process operation parameters, feeding properties, etc., and the various technical parameters are often related to each other, restrict each other, and are not easy to adjust and control. We are required to know the technical parameters before choosing the Hydrocyclone Desander and make targeted selections.


Diameter and height of cylindrical barrel


The diameter of the cylindrical cylinder is the main criterion for distinguishing the size specifications of the Hydrocyclone Desander, and has a certain proportional relationship with the sizes of other components. Increasing the diameter of the cylindrical cylinder can improve the processing capacity of the Hydrocyclone Desander, but at the same time the overflow particle size will become coarser, and vice versa. When processing fine-grained materials and the processing volume is relatively large, we can use multiple small cyclones in parallel to form a group.



Diameter of overflow pipe


The overflow pipe is mostly circular, and its diameter is usually 0.2-0.3 times the diameter of the Hydrocyclone Desander. Its main function is to smoothly, constantly and continuously lead the separated overflow product out of the body. Increasing the diameter of the overflow pipe will increase the overflow flow, but the overflow particle size will also become thicker, and the fine particles in the sedimentation will decrease and the concentration will increase.


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