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Tarim Oilfield science and technology contribution rate is far beyond the national average

Tarim Oilfield science and technology contribution rate is far beyond the national average

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  China oil news network on October 27th at 4 in the morning, Tarim Oilfield hade area caiyougong clock tiger mobile phone suddenly received a message: 11-5-2H well hade hydraulic anomaly. Received SMS, the bell immediately rushed to the site disposal. Now, in Hade area, such as "sick" will automatically send the "emergency" signal of 187 wells.

  Because oil production tends to be intelligent, well hade area patrol patterns from the traditional daily inspection wells into real-time monitoring screen + key wells to patrol patrol wells wells, decrease the frequency of 30%, inspection personnel is reduced by half. Tiger Bell said: "before the management of more than 10 wells, all the same as the top busy, now a person is in charge of 55 wells, but also easily than in the past."

  Less efficient hade area is just the Internet changed a microcosm of Tarim Oilfield management. Million tons of Halahatang oil rising, has been achieved under the jurisdiction of the well real-time data acquisition, digital electronic patrol management wells and multi process seamless connection and other functions, the original "group to send troops to complete the work now," fighting "to fix.

  Digital change touches every management "nerve" in Tarim Oilfield, the total length of communication optical cable is 6000 km, and the network equipment is about 4000 sets. The depth of well 902 is 8038 meters, close to the height of a Mount Everest, the bottom hole temperature is 183 degrees Celsius, and the drill pipe is like noodles...... The geological conditions of Tarim Oilfield are very complicated. The huge thick sedimentary strata under the yellow sand have been fragmented by multiple stages of deposition and multiple fission.

  Well depth from 4000 meters to 8000 meters, the bottom hole temperature from 100 degrees Celsius to 180 degrees Celsius, gas reservoir pressure from 70 MPa to 130 mpa...... In the face of a series of "impossible" challenge, the Tarim oilfield oil and gas based on the national major special demonstration projects and limited company of science and technology major projects, vigorously implement the strategy of technological innovation, deep ultra deep exploration technology and engineering technology reached the international advanced level, R & D formed three theoretical system and three exploration and development technology in the development series. Superimposed basin oil and gas geological theory, exploration benefit maximum bonus. The data show that the conversion rate of scientific research achievements in Tarim Oilfield is 76%, and the contribution rate of science and technology is 63%, which is much higher than the national average level of 56.2%.

  Break technology of mountain seismic acquisition, the wide line array to high density 3-D seismic processing, from poststack to prestack, from time domain to depth domain, by the level of surface to surface topography, to break the bottleneck of salt under deep highs with spring, belt wheels ". The integrated application of vertical drilling, PDC bit, oil base mud drilling speed of new technologies and new tools, realized by not to play into play, fast. Fracture tight sandstone reservoir seam network reconstruction technology makes single well production more than 3 times.

  Innovation leads development, science and technology wins the future. To clear the Tarim Oilfield in 2020, established to meet the requirements, innovation strategy and adapt to the construction of 30 million tons of oil and gas fields of science and technology innovation system, innovation ability, oilfield technological strength and the level of information in China petroleum forefront, build an innovative oil leading technology, advanced system, talents, information sharing and gas generation.

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