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Tarim Oilfield has 25 billion cubic meters of gas supply capacity in winter

Tarim Oilfield has 25 billion cubic meters of gas supply capacity in winter

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  China Petroleum network news on October 17th, the Tarim deep gas field Nissan gas up to 18 million 10 thousand cubic meters, hit the deep gas field since the launch of a new high of nissan. In order to meet the gas boom, Tarim Oilfield, ahead of the deployment of optimizing the operation, actively carry out oilfield...... The effective implementation of a number of measures to ensure that the Tarim Oilfield daily production of 70 million cubic meters of natural gas, gas supply capacity increased significantly in winter.

  There is grain in hand, but not in heart. Since the beginning of this year, the Tarim Oilfield will adhere to the exploitation of natural gas as a growth and strategic project, implement the "early" tactic, seize the favorable opportunity to advance the development of production, Dina, etc. 2 carat, Yingmaili Gas Field equipment maintenance plan, fully tap the potential of production.

  The spirit of "early open wells for one hour, with a multi gas" principle, Tarim Oilfield began this year's deployment of development wells from the end of last year, 26 new wells deployment at the end of March all in place. At present, the new drilling success rate has reached 92.86%, 814 million cubic meters have been built, which improves the contribution rate of Nii productivity.

  In order to further enhance the Southern gas supply capacity for mutual interaction through measures such as the Tarim Oilfield, contact channel between the open Southern Gas people project and west east gas pipeline, Yingmaili, gas fields supplement in Dabei market, enhance the supply pipe line in Limin flexibility, ease the supply pressure in winter in southern xinjiang.

  Kela 2, Dina 2 and other main gas field to achieve safe production, balanced production, orderly gas supply, strictly grasp the oil and gas reservoir management, cure a number of long stop wells, cumulative gas increase of 82 million cubic meters. G, deep, Jade East Dabei gas field through the promotion of coiled tubing sand plugging field test, 4 wells, Nissan 730 thousand cubic meters of gas to restore stability. Hetian River, Yingmaili and Tazhong gas drainage gas recovery wells 6, achieve the average daily production of 200 thousand cubic meters of gas.

  At present, the main gas field from west to east gas transmission has been increased to 7 in Tarim Oilfield, with 25 billion cubic meters of gas supply capacity per year. At present, the natural gas from Kela 2 and G deep gas fields is continuously flowing into the downstream pipeline network with about 3 million cubic meters of gas per hour, which provides a strong impetus for the steady supply of China's petroleum and natural gas.

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