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Tarim Oilfield "visit Hui poly" in the village work team: build bridges poverty, through agricultural marketing channels

Tarim Oilfield "visit Hui poly" in the village work team: build bridges poverty, through agricultural marketing channels

Page view Urumqi in September 27, "we farmers a year hard, and the hope is that a few acres of land output, thanks to the team, this year's grape so quickly sold out, to solve the problem." In late September, Xinjiang Kuche County town of Yaha village Mamuti Amu Chris Papua grape, grape sales to excitedly said.

  Chris Papua village grape planting area of more than 2000 mu, accounting for 2/5 of the total cultivated area of the village, the village is an important economic pillar of main agricultural products and farmers' income. It is understood that the village planted grape varieties for sand jade grapes, because all the pesticides do not fight, Pengdasu, only manure, crackers, fruit flesh is soft and smooth, pure taste, favored by many buyers. The village has also registered the "Akeshayiwa grape" brand trademark in 2004. In recent years, due to increased rainfall and pests, and extensive management, planting grape Guaguo Chris Papua village rate is low, the bad fruit rate is high, last year is almost crops, the villagers income is seriously affected.

  In March this year, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield to visit Hui Ju work in the village team settled in the village, understand the basic situation, the work team for the village vineyard area, lack of investment, management is not in place, low yield, low income status, in-depth family farmers, fields, and the masses face theory thinking, analysis of the bottleneck of increasing, and has 3 times the invitation of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences horticulture professor of agriculture in the village, the scene for diagnosis and treatment of disease, grape grape cultivation and management technology training.

  During the period when that is due to heat preservation measures taken by grape farmers, to take remedial measures to the replenishment of the grape, the Tarim Oilfield to visit Hui Ju work in the village team immediately coordinated water tankers to farmers, grape emergency watering, related drugs and actively help the villagers purchasing fruit diseases and insect pests, insect and fruit.

  According to the guidance of experts, the villagers began to Papua ake scientific maintenance of the vineyard. In September this year, the village of grape harvest.

  Although the grapes mature, but sales have become a problem, and delay the acquisition.

  Do not let the farmers hard dashuipiao, in mid September, the Tarim Oilfield to visit Hui Ju work in the village team to seriously study and formulate sales strategy, pioneered the use of WeChat, QQ, in the circles of friends and colleagues, work circle, online marketing, marketing circle, through word of mouth publicity and sales of agricultural products. At present, Chris Papua village grape sales amounted to 3 tons, product orders in a continuous line.

  Tarim Oilfield to visit Hui Ju residency work team is also actively with the farmers to run the market, the spot price and the supply and demand research, and actively with the surrounding market dealers and customers to negotiate, and tap the potential market, how to open up channels of sales, to ensure that farmers increase production, let the grape truly become a village "Chris Papua rich fruit, lay the foundation for poverty alleviation.

  "In the future, we will not only help the villagers continue to improve farming skills, but also actively guide farmers to think the market, deal with the problem of poverty alleviation, truly achieve the" Fu Chi "and" Chi "effect, improve the ability of farmers to get rich." In the village located in Tarim Oilfield ake visit Hui Ju work team captain Tang Zili said.

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