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TBM tunnel construction method, TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant supplier

TBM tunnel construction method, TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant supplier

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In the TBM construction method, the TBM and the tunnel face are separated, so it is difficult to use the auxiliary construction method when there are weak layers and broken zones. Therefore, the investigation of unfavorable geology not only has a great influence on the selection and construction speed of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant, but also determines whether the TBM method can be adopted.

1 .Geological factors affecting the selection of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant construction method


(1) Tunnel ground pressure


It is difficult to stabilize the tunnel face due to large ground pressure, and it is extremely difficult to tunn  el TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant.


(2) Water gushing state


In water gushing areas, under extreme conditions, the body will sink and the advantages of TBM will be lost.


2 .Geological factors affecting TBM efficiency


Mainly include rock strength, hardness and cracks. These factors have a great influence on the ability of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant to cut rock.


Mechanical condition


TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant is not only restricted by geological conditions, but also restricted by excavation diameter and excavation mechanism.


Generally speaking, in hard rock, large diameter excavation is very difficult. Japan's actual performance is around 5m in maximum diameter. The reason is that most of the current TBMs are of single-axis rotary type. The larger the excavation diameter, the greater the circumferential speed difference between the inner and outer circumferences of the cutter head, which will have various adverse effects on the cutter head. In addition, as the diameter of the excavation increases, the thrust must be increased, and the support shoe must also be increased. There will be difficulties in transportation and bearing capacity problems.


In addition, whether the excavating machine adopts a crushing method or a cutting method has a difference in the scope of practical application.


Excavation length



When the tunnel length is less than 1000m, the cost of the fixed fee increases sharply, and when it reaches about 3000m, the cost is roughly constant. Therefore, if you simply compare, the best length of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant is more than 3000m.


Facilities at the location of the project


In the TBM method, due attention should be paid to the conditions of the location of the tunnel due to the transportation and assembly of machinery. TBM's transportation plan should consider the road width, height and weight restrictions, and fully investigate the method of division during transportation (minimum division size and weight) according to the assembly conditions.


The technical feasibility and economic rationality of roadheaders in various types of tunnel excavation mainly depend on:


Project scale: tunnel shape, length, diameter, buried depth, direction and surrounding rock conditions, etc.


Geological conditions: rock type and strength, geological joint distribution and development degree, whether there are faults, underground rivers, karst caves, groundwater distribution, and whether there are buildings and rivers directly above the tunnel.



Construction schedule requirements: the average monthly footage index is calculated from the time of the total control construction period.


The actual capabilities of the company: manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, economic capabilities, the technology and management level of the construction team, and traditional construction habits.


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