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Structure and operation principle of drilling fluid shaker

Structure and operation principle of drilling fluid shaker

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Drilling fluid shaker is used for drilling mud purification system level one solid control equipment, using imported vibration motor, suitable for oil drilling fluid purification single, double or triple, while drilling fluid shaker can also be used in mud cleaner bottom flow shaker.


1. Shape and type


Drilling fluid vibrating screen is a kind of conventional equipment used to separate solid phase from the circulating drilling fluid. There are many shapes and types of vibrating screen. The common ones are: drilling fluid flows on a square or rectangular screen cloth; The drilling fluid flows along the center on a rotating, non-vibrating cylindrical screen. The drilling fluid flows from the center to the periphery on the circular screen.


Other shapers have been tried, but have not been commercialized. Most shakers use rectangular screens. Large solids are removed at the lower end of the vibration, while small solids flow through the screen surface and re-enter the circulation system along with drilling fluid. The solid of drilling fluid greater than 74 microns is not good relative to drilling fluid. API200 mesh vibrating screen is based on this development. Only 3% of weighted materials that meet the API classification criteria are larger than 74 microns. At this size, most of the barite will be removed from the drilling fluid, which will seriously affect the drilling fluid performance and drilling cost.


2. the structure of


Drilling fluid vibrating screen is mainly composed of base, screen box, screen mesh, logging tank, vibration motor, shock spring, control switch, adjusting device and other parts. Screen box: the screen box uses soft (hard) hook screen, frame screen, bolt or chipped block structure, so that the tight safe and reliable is not easy to damage the screen, this knot enough reliable work, convenient operation, simple maintenance; Logging device: using foreign famous brands for reference, structural optimization design, mud buffer effect is good, prolong the service life of the screen effect;


Power plant: composed of shock beam and two brand explosion-proof vibration motor, vibration noise is small, the operation effect is stable, long service life, easy installation and maintenance; Shock absorption device: the use of high strength composite rubber structure, good stability, good shock absorption effect, low noise; Adjusting device: Adopt screw under regulation structure, high adjustment precision, good stability, simple and convenient operation; Control device: brand explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof control device, good safety performance, strong buck start protection performance, long service life.


3. the working principle


The drilling fluid shaker is the first stage of the drilling mud solid control system, which handles the mud solid particles of more than 74μm from the bottom of the hole. Vibrating screen is according to the vibration motor in the eccentric block force under the action, through the seismic beam transfer to produce linear motion, circular motion or translational elliptical motion track. The vertical line of the two motors and the Angle of the screen into a Angle or linear, so that the two vibration motor rotation direction is opposite, the vibration force generated by the mutual transport, offset each other in the X direction, the vibration force is zero.


And two motors in Y direction vibration force each other to drive the whole the reciprocating movement of the screen box up and down along the Y direction, at the same time make the mud on the surface of the mesh along the Y direction is thrown, then free fall has been moving forward, so being thrown down on the mud forward movement, mud slurry through a sieve into the mud tank leakage, and mud in the big screen mesh with perforation sieve out part of the solid particles was, which had mud slurry purification effect.