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Southwest pipeline: do a good job of "Three Combinations" implementation

Southwest pipeline: do a good job of "Three Combinations" implementation

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  China oil network news and more water, in Bashan Shu cross Yunnan guizhou...... Now, in the southwest along the pipeline company pipeline, full implementation of the party's nineteen big spirit, roll up your sleeves and go to the scene. In November 12th, Kunming Luo Mingcun peace, peace party, southwest pipeline station technician Li Chengyang, led us walk nearly 5 kilometers of mountain road, yicunyicun inspection pipeline, to pave the way for the operation.

  "Strengthening water conservancy, railways, highways, water transportation, aviation, pipelines, power grids, information, logistics and other infrastructure network construction" put forward in the nineteen report, which caused strong repercussions in the southwest pipeline staff. Southwest pipeline careful planning, careful organization, cohesion tackling difficulties, to do a good job of the construction of new pipelines put into operation. At present, China Myanmar crude oil pipeline was put into operation successfully, Yunnan oil product pipeline was put into production smoothly, successfully completed the commissioning test of Anning Baoshan and Anning Mengzi two sections of trunk line, and Anning Qujing section was in full swing to make preparations for production.

  The general manager of the southwest pipeline, party secretary Wu Zhiming said, will Chinese socialist ideological characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as follow, the company's total power to guide learning achievements into methods and scientific work, promote the healthy development of science southwest pipeline.

  Southwest pipeline work hard to do a good job of "Three Combinations", that is, combining with safety production, combining with innovation and development, combining with comprehensive and strict party management, and carrying out the nineteen spirits into practice, embodied in specific actions.

  Southwest pipeline requirements, cadres at all levels of staff to firmly establish the concept of safe development, strengthen the safety awareness of the red line, give prominence to the DNV international security rating and HSE system audit found that the rectification of the problem, continue to do the risk investigation and prevention, unrelenting grasp of production safety.

  According to the annual work focus, focus on promoting regional southwest pipeline management reform, technological innovation, and lowering the efficiency of work, in order to build a "smart pipeline enterprise" as the goal, to promote the management of innovation, science and technology innovation, increase scientific and technological research, constantly enhance the core competitiveness and the ability to control safety.

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