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Some suggestions The Belt and Road oil cooperation

Some suggestions The Belt and Road oil cooperation

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At present, "The Belt and Road along oil and gas resources in the country in order to get rid of excessive dependence on a single oil export development economy, emphasizing the development of diversified economy, especially to attract foreign capital and technology development of oil refining industry, the petrochemical engineering, refining technology export provides the opportunity for China to carry out cooperation.
At the same time, "The Belt and Road" areas along the population (such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.) is in the process of industrialization. With the rapid growth of domestic oil demand, these countries urgently need to expand the scale of oil refining and petrochemical industry to ensure the supply of domestic oil products.
Over 2016-2020 years, "The Belt and Road" will add refining capacity of 140 million tons / year, total investment amount of $70 billion, mainly in Kuwait, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq and other countries. In the next 2020-2030 years, to meet the demand growth and export requirements of refining and chemical products in the next 240 million years, assuming that net exports remain at the level of 2020, the area will add 240 million tons / year of oil refining capacity and about $120 billion of investment.
At the same time, the situation in promoting the development of green low-carbon, "the pace of upgrading the quality of oil The Belt and Road area significantly accelerate. In order to adapt to the quality of the crude oil quality, transportation fuel demand, upgrade the quality of oil products to accelerate the trend of "The Belt and Road in oil refining industry in improving the refining capacity at the same time, the emphasis shifted to improve the refinery construction of deep processing of crude oil and clean fuel production.
With the "refining capacity of The Belt and Road" area of growth, its oil production accounted for the proportion of the world's total reached 29.3% in 2016, 2020 will be further increased to 31.1%. The proportion of oil demand in the region accounts for 25.8% of the world's total demand in 2016, which is expected to rise to 27.7% in 2020 and 30.8% in 2030.
Although the "The Belt and Road" area of refined oil supply as a whole in a state of excess, but is mainly caused by Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kuwait and a few other big oil refinery. In fact, in 2016, the existing oil supply and demand gap of 44 countries The Belt and Road "area, of which 10 countries gap of more than 5 million tons, more or less need to rely on imports to make up for.
"The Belt and Road" in some countries, refined oil supply and demand gap is not only beneficial to the improvement of enterprise of our country oil trade scale, and will promote the development of local oil refining industry, bring more investment opportunities for cooperation, at the same time as the refinery engineering services to create space for development.
The construction of refineries with joint venture and cooperation in oil-gas rich areas can not only guarantee the most suitable start-up load of refineries, but also choose the best operation conditions and obtain the best cooperation benefit in the initial design, construction and operation of refineries.
  In this regard, the author puts forward the following suggestions for cooperation:
First, optimize the layout of the oil refining industry.
The comparative advantage of domestic oil refining enterprises and The Belt and Road along the country's resources and market advantages, in the "The Belt and Road along the country under construction to build cooperation base, optimize the industrial layout:
In the light of "resources, engineering, financing" or "resources, processing, sales" and other modes to promote the construction of oil and gas resources cooperation zones.
"Overall The Belt and Road" oil and gas resources supply channels in the supply of resources advantages or market potential of better national construction of Petrochemical Industrial Park; construction trade storage base in the oil trade volume or trade hub area;
In the future, the construction of engineering and technology service base in the countries with larger refining capacity and more demand for expansion and transformation.
According to the sources of oil and gas resources The Belt and Road ", the expansion of domestic refining industry base, the domestic industrial layout optimization.
Second, integrated cooperation to improve comprehensive benefits.
The integrated advantages of the upper and lower reaches of the domestic enterprises, the resources and the market of the investment projects are integrated, and the overall comprehensive benefits of the investment projects are evaluated comprehensively.
The investment cooperation project should be integrated with oil refining technology, engineering construction and operation management to go out, play its own comparative advantage and form the best strategic plan.
Considering the trade and marketing relationship between investment cooperation projects and petroleum products, we will further enhance the international market operation ability of domestic enterprises and improve the overall profitability.
Third, strengthen the risk control ability of investment cooperation.
"Investment cooperation The Belt and Road areas facing geopolitics, resources, market, security, legal and other risks, so we should put the risk control in the first place.
The mechanism of pre evaluation establishment of major projects, strengthen the analysis of the macro trend of international petroleum and petrochemical industries, strengthen the project host country investment environment, political risk tracking and monitoring the situation to judge, improve the prediction accuracy, feasibility study to do a major overseas investment projects.
To establish the risk evaluation mechanism after the construction and operation of the investment projects, and to carry out the mid-term evaluation and post evaluation of the major investment projects. To establish an efficient and regular early warning mechanism for overseas investment and to prevent investment risk.
Finally, "go to sea" to build the industrial park of refining and chemical industry.
"Belt and Road Initiative" as a national strategy, the state will become established along the industry alliance of Chinese enterprises ", the construction of key areas of Industrial Park". The domestic oil refining enterprises need to play a refining investment in a high degree of industrial linkage, with strong power advantage, resource advantage, with the market development potential, and good investment environment of the countries along the construction of Petrochemical Industrial Park, promoting the downstream related enterprises hold together the sea, with a positive dynamic equipment, materials, technology, standards and services etc. "go out", to promote the development of high-end international business.
To strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream industries, promote the mutual development of overseas business, the development of related industries will also promote the domestic oil refining enterprises in the "The Belt and Road" regions to speed up the pace of "going out".