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Shale gas in the southern part of Moxi oilfield in southwest oil and gas field

Shale gas in the southern part of Moxi oilfield in southwest oil and gas field

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  China petroleum network news for Southwest Oil and gas field, Dragon King Temple Moxi gas reservoir, South Sichuan shale gas blocks has been the focus of attention, the reason is very simple: This is a major achievement in the past 5 years, increasing production and reservoir, the production and construction of the busiest area in the future for a long period of time in the hope of ground.

  In September 2012, a high-yield industrial gas drilling Moxi 8 wells, found the Dragon King Temple Moxi gas reservoir, after working for more than a year of exploration, proven natural gas reserves of 440 billion 383 million cubic meters, is so far the domestic marine carbonate rocks of the largest single overall gas reservoirs.

  Gas reservoir development practice in Moxi Dragon King Temple group, southwest oil and gas field drilling cultivation technology innovation output wells, modular design, promote large-scale equipment manufacturing, factory site building block assembly, completed in October 2015 with an annual output of 11 billion cubic meters of gas production capacity construction. At present, 45 gas wells have been put into production and about 27000000 cubic meters per day in Moxi Gas reservoir. As of October 19th, the accumulative gas production of Moxi formation gas reservoir is 25 billion 189 million cubic meters. From the technical data such as the pressure after the shut off of the recent gas reservoir, the giant gas reservoir can produce high and stable production for more than 10 years.

  The last 5 years, and the Dragon King Temple Moxi gas reservoir and South Sichuan "fly side by side" shale gas blocks.

  In March 2012, PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field company began to organize the construction of Changning Weiyuan national shale gas demonstration area, and developed shale gas in southern sichuan. After three rounds of innovative practice, formed a well location, fast drilling, factory operations, such as the main volume fracturing technology, single well production capacity from 45 thousand cubic meters to 100 thousand cubic meters, single well construction costs fell to 50 million yuan from 130 million yuan.

  Technology accumulation and talent growth push shale gas development area in southern Sichuan continuously expanding. In September 27th, the front-line command personnel responsible for shale gas development were basically in place. According to the goal of "10 billion cubic meters of shale gas production in 2020", the key technical problems and production construction were organized.

  Southwest oil and gas field development company Dragon King Temple Moxi gas reservoir, South Sichuan shale gas blocks, achieved rapid growth of reservoir production, the concept of innovation, technology has provided valuable experience for the exploration and development of Sichuan basin area, a number of new wells has entered the construction phase.

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