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Russian customer’s two sets of mud purification system has been ordered processing

Russian customer’s two sets of mud purification system has been ordered processing

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  In June, our company once again received two sets of repeat Russian customer’s economic mud purification system orders, now deposit has been received, The systems have been officially processed on 10th June.

  Our production of mud purification system in the manufacturing process is strictly according with the requirements of API Q1 quality system, from raw materials, equipment drawings, processing flow, process inspection, completion of testing, and so on are strict in quality control.

  Through long-term cooperation with customers, Aojie petroleum machinery company has a high reputation in the production of solid control equipment , and we Aojie will continue to dothe company's products, good service to make sure customers at ease!

  Aojie's economic slurry purification system, according to the amount of processing can be divided into below types:

  50m³/h、100 m³/h、150 m³/h、250 m³/h and 500 m³/h.Customers can flexibly choose according to the amount of processing required by construction.

  Characteristics of economical trenchless mud treatment system:

  1, compact skid mounted structure, effectively save space. It is easy to transport when changing the site.

  2, Shale shaker with double screens structure, better treatment effect. Reduce the moisture content of waste and reduce the environmental impact.

  3, the mud has been effectively recycled, reducing the waste of mud and pollution of the site environment.

  4, economical mud treatment system is more suitable for customers with short construction period and local construction.

  Aojie Petroleum machinery is dedicated to the development and production of mud treatment, through continuous efforts and innovation. New equipment are used in site testing, continuous improvement of problems in actual trials, and efforts to achieve the best to meet customer needs.

  [introduction] After-sale service, quality assurance and installation service: Aojie Petroleum company for the production of products to provide one year free warranty, the company provides first equipment installation and technical training for customer service for free. Economic rescue services: for domestic users, the company promised to receive repairs , within 1000 km of the company arranged for engineers to arrive at the site within 48 hours, 1000 km outside the company arranged for engineers to arrive at the site 72 hours.

  For foreign users: according to the needs of each country, the relevant procedures are different, the company will reach the user site at the fastest speed. Parts supply services: the company has established a certain warehouse and service institutions in China, and will continue to expand the service institutions, and ensure that parts inventory, timely supply of customer parts.

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