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Ruilin supplies drilling fluid solid control system mud circulation purification system model: rlnjjh

Ruilin supplies drilling fluid solid control system mud circulation purification system model: rlnjjh

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Ruilin supplies drilling fluid solid control system mud circulation purification system model: rlnjjh

Brand: Ruilin Technology

Product features: the drilling fluid solid control mud purification system has a wide range of applications. It is used for solid-liquid separation, mud circulation, mud storage and other functions in various industries, with long service life and convenient transportation. Ruilin technology can configure the system equipment according to the requirements of customers, in order to facilitate the use of customers.

Ruilin technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of drilling solid control mud circulation system. The mud circulation system can design the mud circulation purification system of different drilling rigs and horizontal directional crossing drilling rigs according to the needs and working conditions of customers, and provide regular maintenance, system transformation, system installation and other related services, so as to minimize the drilling cost and improve the economic benefits of customers.

Drilling fluid} mud circulating purification system is a special equipment for mud treatment developed by Tangshan Ruilin Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech product of environmental protection and is suitable for the treatment of all kinds of mud in modern construction engineering. The equipment is conducive to controlling mud index, improving hole making quality and efficiency, shortening hole cleaning time, mud purification and recovery, reducing construction cost, reducing stuck drilling accidents and reducing environmental pollution. It is one of the necessary equipment for basic civilized construction. The mud treatment equipment is mainly composed of vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge. Different processes are used in combination according to the occasion of mud treatment, the composition of drilling slag and the requirements of mud performance. The linear vibrating screen is adopted, and the exciting force and screen surface angle can be adjusted. All mud passes through the vibrating screen first, which can screen out particles above 0.15mm. After removing large particle solid phase, it is treated by hydrocyclone desander, and the removal rate of solid substances above 0.07mm can reach more than 90%.

Ruilin mud purification device is mainly applicable to large-diameter pile foundation and cut-off wall projects adopting mud wall fixation and circulating drilling technology in modern foundation engineering construction. Using this device can create the following advantages for you:

1. The full purification of mud is conducive to controlling the performance index of mud, reducing drilling sticking accidents and improving hole making quality.

2. The effective separation of soil ballast is conducive to improve the efficiency of hole making.

3. The reuse of slurry is conducive to saving slurry making materials and reducing construction costs.

4. The closed-circuit circulation mode of slurry and low moisture content of slag are conducive to reducing environmental pollution.