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Record of quality and efficiency improvement of oilfield development in Tuha Engineering Institute

Record of quality and efficiency improvement of oilfield development in Tuha Engineering Institute

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  In November 2nd, three in the Santanghu basin of Tuha basin development site, three Tang horse 56 dense oil block through the implementation of the "joint control volume fracturing technology news, following the horse 56-271H wells, wells, wells 56-182H Ma Ma 56-181H high, Ma 56-192H wells Nissan 45 tons of oil.

  For technical support and site service of Turpan Hami Academy of Engineering fracturing technical team, the proportion of single slippery water into the well fluid volume in the beginning of this year increased from 50% to 76.1% now optimize the process parameters, and using sand instead of ceramsite, the same construction scale of single well fracturing to save production cost 788 thousand yuan, to achieve an efficient development low cost. This is a microcosm of the Turpan Hami Engineering Institute to dig out the potential of scientific and technological innovation, to achieve quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Turpan Hami Engineering Institute has achieved a catalytic effect of reducing cost and increasing efficiency through technological innovation. A series of innovative achievements have played a key leading role in improving production and efficiency, and have achieved remarkable results in production practice. The school follows the pace of development of oilfield benefit, low cost of oilfield development starting from the engineering optimization, and ground the professional support, followed by oil production plant production deployment, blocks of individualized production and improve the efficiency of technology roadmap, fine plan, optimize the construction design, enhances the production cost reduction technology adaptability and pertinence, and the coincidence rate of scheme and technical measures of efficiency reached 98% and 92% respectively, much higher than the company's assessment indicators, from the source to ensure the efficiency and yield of old wells Nii.

  Drilling engineering design team to ensure the safety of drilling, satisfying the production needs, optimizing well structure and surface technology, casing structure, to ensure that the company does not play a few meters invalid footage, the source of an inch of invalid string "of the realization of the goal of lowering the efficiency. In the aspect of oil production engineering, through optimization of technology optimization and fracturing, viscosity reduction and lifting technology, the project of infilling and adjusting oil recovery project in Zhong Zhong tight oil network has reduced investment of 8 million 800 thousand yuan for the company; 16 wells in the tight reservoir of block 3 million 420 thousand in Ma 7 block can reduce the operating cost by RMB yuan per year. Drilling team insist provided drilling speed, contraction cycle, cost reduction goal is not to relax, to optimize the drill bit selection, structure, drilling parameters and drilling fluid properties, three key Santanghu tight oil and tight gas Lukeqin deep heavy oil belt, the Northern Piedmont area on the vertical and fast drilling technology bottleneck. They continue to design improved screwdrill 23 specifications, tripping frequency is reduced by 50%, more than 150 hours by the working life of the screw is increased to 250 hours, save a bit, drilling cost is 150 yuan, up demonstration well drilling cycle, long horizontal section and horizontal section drilling footage a block drilling record being refresh. Up to now, compared with the same period last year, the drilling cycle of 4000 meters exploration well has been shortened by 21%, and the drilling cycle of Niu Niu Hu long horizontal well and Yu Bei deviated well ahead of schedule has achieved the company's annual speed increasing target. In Turpan Hami dense igneous rock and other impact abrasive formations, and manufacturers together to create both directional design offensive and long-life double effect of increasing slope, oriented steady inclined special PDC bit series, Pubei, Yubei, Wen Jisang block single bit footage increased by more than 200%.

  Enhancing oil recovery is the foundation of realizing benefit development in oil field. In order to better play the foam flooding and other new technologies to increase oil dewatering effect, Academy of engineering to improve the recovery rate of scientific research team to increase oil major test technology research efforts focus on foam flooding formulation optimization and process optimization, by adjusting the foaming agent and foam stabilizer ratio, the introduction of flexible material, the foaming agent to reduce the comprehensive cost of 22%. The performance index of the new formula is greatly improved, the foaming volume is increased by 31.4%, the foam stabilization time is increased by 12.5%, the oil-water interfacial tension is reduced by 23.2%, and the construction cost of the single well is decreased by 37.6% compared with that of last year. Nitrogen foam flooding technology formulation optimization and process optimization, the single well construction cost decreased by 37.6% compared with last year.

  Fracturing is the technology to increase the production of single well. The Research Institute of fracturing and acidizing has locked the target of high efficiency and increase production. In order to meet the demand of single well technology, the individual construction plan is formulated according to the temper disposition of each measure well. In the face of tight oil development costs continue to rise, technical personnel adhere to the low cost of reservoir reconstruction concept, to ensure the overall development of tight oil production effect at the same time, creatively put forward the development idea of storage + fracturing, independent research and development of slickwater + low concentration compound guar gum fracturing fluid system, the horse 56 dense oil block to carry out optimization support agent test, quartz sand instead of ceramsite reached 44%, effectively solve the volume fracturing and the cost increase is too large contradictions. As of now, a total implementation of encryption block volume horizontal well fracturing 19, production 18, the highest single well Nissan 47.2 tons of oil, the lowest oil production of 16.7 tons, the average oil production of single well over 25.6 tons, design 12 tons / day, compared with the same period last year well production increased by 48%, single stage fracturing of the comprehensive by 20%, saving fracturing production cost 3 million 200 thousand yuan.

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