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Record of building green oil field in Tarim Oilfield

Record of building green oil field in Tarim Oilfield

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  The autumn season, Tarim River million acres of forests of Populus euphratica cenglinjinran, with yellow gold, showing unique beautiful scenery. Tahe is located in the South Bank of the Hudson operation area "100 orchards", also attracted flocks of egrets, wild geese, geese, wild duck billed as "guest", hovering in the air, dancing in the water.

  Egrets have "eco appraisers" reputation. See the depths of the desert oasis, grass egret huan. For the construction of oil and gas fields into the "ecological inspection division" Egret Park, Tarim Oilfield adhere to the "ecological priority" concept into the whole life cycle of oil and gas exploration and development, the ecological civilization content into the overall system of environmental education, culture, science and technology through the green, green ecological green, where oil and gas development, green extension where.

  The specialty chrysanthemum in the work area of Kazakhstan, like egrets, is very picky about the ecological environment". In autumn, picking snow chrysanthemum and drying snow chrysanthemum has become a great pleasure in the amateur life of employees. A bird, on behalf of members, Bramblings became Yaha operation area of the hearts of the staff "lucky bird". The dense woods outside the apartment, also become the territory of hares". Songbirds, hare and chrysanthemum - Yaha "auspicious Sambo", become the best annotation harmony between man and nature of oil.

  The autumn wind blowing, rustling reeds, wild duck quack, this is the west east gas pipeline gas source of Kela 2 gas field of artificial wetland in autumn. The 6 sewage treatment ponds were transformed into 6 artificial lakes, and the reeds were transplanted to purify the water. The fish were used to monitor the water quality to form a "small ecosphere"".

  Tazhong oilfield is a typical desert oilfield, after 10 years of afforestation test, scientists and research in the field of desert tower staff to study screened 70 kinds of flowers and trees in the desert for survival, and oil in the tower built around 4360 hectares of ecological garden. Nowadays, desert highway is not only the lifeline of oil development and transportation in Tarim Basin, but also the path of "home" for wildlife migration and oil and gas migration.

  Located in the hinterland of the desert hade area, 10 years as one day, adhere to carry out "stop pollution begin from me", the staff worked out and listen for a while, more hands-on observation for a while, wipe the "more than 4" inspection method, eliminate equipment leaking, continuous technological innovation, implementation of waste oil, sewage, "30" natural gas emissions. At the same time, unremittingly to afforestation, wind and sand, planting trees each year nearly 5000 trees, green area of 30 square meters, built a "garden" and "Romance" and "Bird Park" 6 features green park, Xinjiang has become endemic birds podoces biddulphi, Hongzui goose, wild duck, wild goose habitat paradise.

  Develop a block and build an oasis. Tarim oilfield through technology and management innovation, overcome the technical bottleneck of the construction of green oil, create benefit type ecosystem environmental protection system economic, environmental and social benefits in one, to achieve by the end of governance "black" to the source and "green" transformation. Today, 21 oil and gas fields have been developed, like 21 jade pearls, inlaid in the vast golden desert, drawing the magnificent picture of green and golden.

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