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Qinghai refining two consecutive years of profit breakthrough 300 million yuan

Qinghai refining two consecutive years of profit breakthrough 300 million yuan

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  China oil network news October 24th, reporters from the Qinghai oil refinery in Golmud was informed that in 2016 price exceeded 300 million yuan after refining profit for the first time, at the end of September, this year the profit again exceeded 300 million yuan, 3 months ahead of the completion of the annual profit index.

  Since the beginning of this year, grid refining, quality improvement and efficiency point, good production operation, cost reduction efficiency, product sales several articles, actively respond to the challenge of low oil prices.

  Smooth operation of production and benefit. According to the weekly production plan, the daily index is refined to ensure the consistent production of each device. Daily production, strengthen the production of controlled management, atmospheric pressure, catalysis and other major devices, as well as polypropylene, methanol and other chemical devices to maintain stable and orderly production. As of October 15th, 1 million 180 thousand tons of crude oil was processed.

  Products seize the market and promote development. The refined lattice rational product structure as market share trump card, through the implementation of optimal operation of gasoline etherify device, improve the yield of light gasoline etherification; optimization of reforming feedstock, increased gasoline octane number; optimization of gasoline blending, improve oil properties of the three optimization three improvement measures. The first 9 months of this year, high product yield reached 75.23%, an increase of 19%, among the group refining sector ranked first; low freezing point diesel fuel ratio reached 32.52%.

  The "trap hemostatic measures". The factory focuses on annual indicators, fine internal management, and deep internal potential. Through the stages of decommissioning of diesel hydrotreating unit, PSA gas compressor outage analysis, optimization of waste heat boiler lifting device its steam production, accelerating the internal "Nuggets" speed, open up new ways to achieve efficiency, lowering the efficiency of nearly 8 million yuan.

  Awesome sunshine sales success. Grid refining accurately grasp the market dynamics, timely collection and collation of relevant information, rational analysis, accurate judgment of market changes, the development of more competitive marketing strategy. By increasing the frequency of polypropylene sales pricing ways to actively push the price, and the implementation of the regional pricing push the price of methanol products; gradually improve the implementation of mutual supply price and achieve differentiated marketing mode, promote the sales price of methanol increased significantly. In terms of light hydrocarbon sales, the first oil production plant is used for the combination of Lanzhou petrochemical and export bidding, so as to keep prices stable and smooth. In the first 9 months of this year, 392 thousand and 500 tons of gasoline and 502 thousand and 300 tons of diesel oil were sold.

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