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Qinghai oilfield three air force volley

Qinghai oilfield three air force volley

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  Editor's note: the northwest, broad, grand and magnificent; northwest, ecological vulnerability, mineral rich...... This magical land is an important source of China's clean, "blue" from the Tarim Basin, Qaidam Basin "birth", through a steel dragon to thousands of households. Here is the gas inlet channel is an important part of Central Asian gas. It is also the main battlefield for winter, and the fragile ecological environment needs the care and nourishment of clean energy......

  In this cold winter, from production to storage and transportation to the terminal, a "blue" Pentium to send warmth to thousands of households.

  China oil network news November 10th Qaidam Basin, the temperature has dropped below zero degrees Celsius, gas equipment early to wear the "winter", Qinghai oilfield productivity construction in three areas of the atmosphere is a stride forward singing militant songs. In November 10th, Sebei gas field 510 million cubic meters of natural gas capacity building has been completed 77% of the total workload, Nii production 40 day, increase gas amounted to 800 thousand cubic meters.

  In order to ensure the implementation of natural gas resources this winter and next spring, Qinghai oil field has adjusted the annual natural gas production plan and capacity construction plan. Gas one or two, three factory focusing field development problem, law, research on the deep development potential, develop technical countermeasures, through production, increase gas gas development "two carriages" work force, safety, stable and adequate security for the foundation. Up to now, the main gas field has completed 95 production wells drilling workload, put into operation 59, new gas gathering station 2, daily output of 14 million cubic meters, 11 million days of gas supply to Shibuya Ning pipeline, up 500 thousand cubic meters last year.

  New production capacity is scheduled to be put into production as the key to make natural gas production decline. According to the oilfield production and operation Department estimates, this year the peak value of the winter will exceed 20 million cubic meters, Qinghai gas supply pressure is huge. To this end, decided to cancel the oilfield productivity construction, engineering services and natural gas exploration, winter vacation work system, from the beginning of November, in the oil rig to the internal market organization, Ma Xian, Sebei Dongping three gas field, started production in winter construction of the battle, only a week to open a new 5 wells increase the footage of 4519 meters.

  From the beginning of the year, Qinghai oilfield established the project of natural gas capacity construction, and the three major gas fields took the responsibility system of project head, so that the responsibilities were clear, the division of labor was clear, and the nodes were controlled. Site management strictly implement the "three grasping, four check, five to the spot" work system, increase the front command and on-site management efforts, so that production and Construction Co deployment decision-making, security co control, Construction Co organization.

  Through the optimization of block built, Qinghai oilfield will be transferred to the footwall Niudong workload Nabaxian block, reduce the production risk; optimization of handover drilling technology, wells, the average penetration rate increased by 13%, the drilling period is shortened by 9% through three; combination of ground and underground, exploration and development, engineering and geology, Nii yield higher than last year. The completion cycle of Dongping gas field is long, and the research and technology departments analyze the formation drillability profile, implement the optimized drilling and matching technology, the average ROP is improved obviously, and the drilling cycle and completion cycle are shortened.

  The oil gas field production safety improvement in winter maintenance level, increase gas quality, stable output of single well, the cumulative implementation of the bubble gas, gas pressure, gas lift and other technological measures of 288 low yield wells, on the increase 100 million cubic meters of gas; to restore the old wells 29, Nissan 35 million cubic meters of gas.

  At present, the daily output of Qinghai oil field has climbed to 17 million cubic meters, and the three major gas fields have been cooperating with each other for the winter supply.

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