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Qinghai oilfield production and construction "three optimization" speed increase efficiency

Qinghai oilfield production and construction "three optimization" speed increase efficiency

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  China Petroleum network news, since the beginning of this year, Qinghai oilfield in accordance with "strictly control investment, optimize operation, strengthen the scene, improve efficiency" overall deployment, careful planning and construction of oilfield natural gas efficiency "aircraft carrier"". As of September 5th, the gas production construction has achieved 77 66 after 40 shots, footage of 98 thousand and 500 meters, 14 million 500 thousand cubic meters of gas Nii.

  Natural gas accounts for half of the benefit development of Qinghai oilfield. The beginning of this year, with an annual output of 6 billion 500 million cubic meters of natural gas and oil insist the goal is not to relax, focus problems in the development field, law research and development, mining development potential, development countermeasures. Production, construction, gas development, gas development "two sets of carriage" jointly force.

  The optimization of production organization, production and marketing into nirvana. Through the establishment of capacity construction project group, to further promote the project responsibility system, to ensure that all units of responsibilities clear, clear division of labor, controlled nodes. According to the annual production of 6 billion 500 million cubic meters of natural gas wells according to the principle of proximity operation plan, organization design, reduce drilling time to move.

  Optimize production capacity, deployment, production and construction quality continues to improve. Site management strictly implement the "three grasping, four check, five to the scene" work system, and strengthen the front command and on-site management efforts, so that production and Construction Co deployment, decision-making, security, common control, construction and common organizations.

  Optimizing technology to improve production benefit. According to the present situation of Sebei gas field after years of mining pressure profile is very complex, the wells structure of different regions and different depth were optimized to achieve both save production costs and well control safety purpose.

  Concentrate on mining new reserves, revitalize the difficult to use reserves, adhere to the integration of exploration and development unwavering. The old firm "development ideas, tap the potential of fine research", in the Sebei gas reservoir fine description results as the basis, to carry out two times of production logging interpretation of 6 wells in the 8 layer group, 5 wells, 5 layer group was increased by 100 thousand cubic meters of industrial gas, japan.

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