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Qinghai oilfield; new ideas; boosting new development

Qinghai oilfield; new ideas; boosting new development

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  China oil network news to roll up its sleeves, solve development problems; sink body, condensed general strength. July 26th, the reporter was informed that, "113544" overall development of new ideas to become a new driving force for the development of Qinghai oil field, oil and gas production in the first half to achieve "hard" more than half".

  It is built with an annual output of tens of millions of tons of oil and gas field scale plateau key stage in Qinghai oilfield, facing the arduous tasks of reform, the difficulty of exploration, resource reserves are insufficient, lack of supporting technology and development of oil and gas, the old oil and gas debts and the transformation of governance mechanism, the management system of enterprise organization operation mode transformation development and there are many are not suited to the requirements the problem of Qinghai oilfield, the new leadership put forward a firm goal, promote a spirit, Houzhi three foundation, the construction of five systems, to promote the four turn, and strive to build four, deepening reform and innovation, open up a new realm of the development of Qinghai oilfield stable "113544" to develop new ideas, to further clarify the Qinghai oilfield built thousands of tons of schedule.

  Previously, the general manager of Qinghai Oilfield Company, party secretary and director of Petroleum Administration Zhang Weishen has two in-depth basin Trinidad oil gas area, into the more than 60 base site observing the truth, make up the short board, solve problems, repeatedly stressed that the overall situation, compaction responsibility, firmly built thousands of tons of faith.

  "Shout a broken throat is better than a dry look", and now from the organs to the factory, from the job area to the team leader of the administration are always front-line, leading employees to refuel, dry, become quality and efficiency, speed up the production of booster." Li Guoping, deputy manager of the national model worker and downhole operation company of Qinghai oilfield, said.

  The first half of the Qinghai oilfield has completed 202 km of 2D seismic, 3D seismic data of 501 square kilometers, drilled 25 wells, drilling wells exceeded 100 thousand meters, more than 60% success rate; total crude oil production exceeded 1 million 110 thousand tons, 3 billion 400 million cubic meters of natural gas production, oil and gas equivalent to an increase of 114 thousand and 500 tons, tons of crude oil production investment down 3%, natural gas billion square capacity investment fell by 5%, profitability continued to improve.

  The Golmud refinery is one of the main profit unit in Qinghai oilfield, the director Li Bin said: "this year, good Georgia Lian smooth operation of basic skills, equipment stable rate reached 99.9%, 740 thousand tons of crude oil, profit 198 million yuan."

  Today, Qinghai oil factory level and above leaders become grassroots frontline command of the vanguard, Party members and cadres to become reserve "commandos", the staff work of millions of people to become the "main force" should work energetically, form the cadres and employees of the heart to a thought, an effort to make, make concerted efforts to build a huge force of millions ton.

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