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Qinghai Oilfield "troops to carry out capacity building

Qinghai Oilfield "troops to carry out capacity building

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  China oil network news January 1st, Qinghai oil field oil production five plant first rig installed in place, marking the Qinghai oil field started the first round of production capacity construction in 2018.

  "The plan of production of crude oil 2 million 280 thousand tons, built production capacity of 500 thousand tons, this year is a crucial year for completion of 10 million tons of oil for the plateau" in 13th Five-Year to lay the gas reserves and production base." Liu Fenghe, deputy director of the production and operation Department of Qinghai oilfield, said, "the Chaidamu basin will last 6 months in winter, and will not rush to the two ends of production time, which will seriously affect the balanced operation of the oilfield production plan."

  "Troops", to ensure that the oil field development with an annual output of oil and gas production run high. The frontline command of the oilfield has unified the drilling machine, the workover machine and the operation team, and organized the relocation according to the plan. The oil and gas production units should give priority to the measures for increasing oil and gas production to ensure that the output does not decline. In January 1st, the daily production of natural gas in the two oil production plant had a historic pace of 1 million 650 thousand cubic meters.

  In 2017, Qinghai oilfield, put forward the "six basic" concept of development, implementation of the "13544" management measures, to fine to benefit 300 million yuan, enhance the efficiency of exploration and development; change from quantity to quality, Nii increased 243 thousand tons of oil; new natural gas production capacity of 650 million cubic meters, the production capacity of 524 thousand tons of crude oil; oil and gas field, the natural decline rate composite decline rate are better than expected; reserves ending early. The main industry of oil and gas in Qinghai oilfield shows its exploration benefit. An outstanding deep geological research, with the deployment of 3 South wells to obtain high-yield, found the new rich in oil and gas. The integration of exploration and development, more straight wells to obtain high yield, the further expansion of the central high yield area of reservoir scale. ES has implemented 3 rich oil belt, 6 oil and gas enrichment area, production of 150 thousand tons of crude oil.

  In 2018, Yingxiongling area still is the core area of oil and gas exploration and production in Qinghai oilfield. Qinghai oilfield plans to deploy 750 square kilometers, the 3D seismic exploration wells 43, footage of 175 thousand meters. In order to ensure that the objectives and tasks to complete, oil exploration way will further deepen the geological research, scientific demonstration deployment, enhance the efficient exploration level; sustainable project management, accelerate the exploration pace, enhance the management level of exploration; strengthen technology research, application of advanced technology, improve engineering technical level. At present, the fracturing work of the lion 41H1 well has unfolded and opened the prelude to the new year's oil and gas exploration in the west area.

  In the new year, a gas production plant, two plants, three plants firmly seize the favorable opportunity at the beginning of natural gas sales, according to the winter for the security program requirements, continue to focus on the field of daily management, earnestly organize the work optimization of nitrogen gas lift arrangements, and strive to improve the supply capacity. The daily production of natural gas in the oil field is trying to sprint to 20 million cubic meters.Well network optimization of Daqing oil production two plant is remarkable

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