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Process of oilfield drilling fluids desander in solids control process

Process of oilfield drilling fluids desander in solids control process

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Oilfield drilling fluids desander are located after the drilling fluid shaker and before the centrifuge in the solids control process. Their main purpose is to remove the finer solid phase particles that are mixed in the drilling fluid after being filtered by the drilling fluid shaker. The core component of the mud cleaner is the hydrocyclone, which is a solid-liquid separation device designed according to the principle of centrifugal sedimentation separation. Its ability to separate the solid phase is related to its own structural parameters, slurry feed pressure and drilling fluid characteristics. The curve of the hydrocyclone for the treatment of solid particles is relatively flat. Even if a small diameter cyclone is used, it is difficult to remove the large diameter solid particles, which is why the cyclone cannot replace the drilling fluid vibrating screen. and centrifuge reasons.

oilfield drilling fluids desander
Characteristics of oilfield drilling fluids desander
1. The structure is relatively simple, the cost is low, and it is easy to install and operate. It has a large processing capacity, a small footprint, a wide range of uses, strong adaptability, no power, and maintenance-free operation.
2. Compared with mechanical decontamination devices, expansion pipes, buffer boxes and other sand removal equipment, it has the advantages of small size, large processing capacity, low investment and operating costs. The position of the inner wall of the equipment facing the water inlet is provided with a swirl protection plate and a deflector, which is conducive to the formation of swirl; the impact resistance is strong and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.
3. The oilfield drilling fluids desander cyclone chamber and the inner wall of the sedimentation chamber are equipped with a deflector, which is conducive to the formation of cyclone sedimentation, so that impurities can enter the dirt collector as soon as possible, and the dirt collector prevents the dirt collector from suddenly increasing the system pressure and the water flow. Impurities will not turn up and still maintain a good precipitation effect.
4. The lower part of the water outlet is equipped with a stainless steel filter screen and a water blocking ring. The filter screen disperses the water flow, slows down the flow rate, and further retains the suspended impurities in the water; the water flow forms a stable rotating water layer under the filter screen, and the suspended impurities gradually gather around. It gathers into loose small groups under the water blocking ring, and enters the dirt collector along the inner wall under the action of the deflector.
5. Oilfield drilling fluids desander has a strong cleaning ability to the filter screen due to the fast rotating water flow, and it will not be fouled during continuous operation. If the system is not cleaned for the first time or has been shut down for a long time, the impurities that can be adhered to the filter screen are difficult to wash away. At this time, the water inlet must be opened to remove the impurities.