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Precautions for the use of Horizontal Mud Agitators

Precautions for the use of Horizontal Mud Agitators

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Horizontal Mud Agitators are indispensable machines in excavation work, and are also very important for excavation work. Mud mixers play a very important role in drilling operations. As one of the indispensable machinery in drilling operation, the mud mixer is a reliable drilling mud solid phase control system to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid, suspend the solid phase particles, and continuously stop the drilling fluid. So what is the main role of Horizontal Mud Agitators in use?

Horizontal Mud Agitators

Horizontal Mud Agitators are mainly used for well fluid stirring and mixing of mud mixers, preventing solid phase particles of drilling fluid from depositing in its tank circulation system, stabilizing the performance of circulating drilling fluid, and mixing evenly. The mud agitator below 5.5kW adopts the cycloid reducer. The mud agitator is suitable for oil drilling fluid mixing, with compact structure and small void volume; the drilling fluid mud agitator above 7.5kW adopts the worm gear reduction transmission, which has the advantages of large transmission torque, The advantages of stable operation and reliable work

Precautions when using Horizontal Mud Agitators:

1. Check whether the selection of the mud mixer can be correct, and whether the actual environmental conditions required for use are consistent with the specified operating conditions.

2. The cable protection of the mud room stirring motor includes hard steel pipe and metal hose to ensure the sealing of the pipe connection.

3. Use a 0-500V megohmmeter to check that the insulation resistance of the three core wires of the motor main cable to the ground is not less than 5megohm, and disable the megohmmeter to check the control cable to avoid damage to the electrical components in the submersible mixer. Check the control cables with a multimeter.

4. If the power supply is far away from the mud mixer, the line loss should be considered, the cross-sectional area of ​​the cable should be increased, the number of joints should be reduced as much as possible, and the joints should be sealed to prevent water leakage.

5. The power cable, ground wire and control cable on the mud mixer should be connected to the terminals of the control cabinet (box) one by one.

6. The ground wire of the mud passing through the mixer is a two-color wire (yellow/green). To ensure information security, it must be connected firmly and 50mm longer than other wires.

7. There are 4 stirrer control cables, 3 thin and 1 thick, measured with a multimeter and broken, 2 of the 3 thin cables are temperature measurement signal lines, and 1 and the two-color signal line are leakage signal lines.

8. Before installation, the mud mixer faces the impeller, and the impeller rotates counterclockwise. If the rotation direction is incorrect, the position of any two three-phase lines on the control cabinet or junction box can be replaced, and the rotation direction can be changed. If several mud mixers are connected to a control cabinet or junction box, each mud mixer must be checked individually.

9. The agitator cannot be started immediately after the switch is turned off. The mixer should self-test through the control system. If there is a fault (flash alarm or alarm on the electric control cabinet), check the mixer and remove the fault before starting. If the motor does not rotate, pull the brake quickly and decisively, and check and remove the fault to avoid damage to the motor.

10. After the stirrer is started, pay attention to the voltmeter and ammeter of the motor and circuit. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop the machine immediately to find out the reason, and then reclose and start after the fault is eliminated.

11. Several Horizontal Mud Agitators cannot be started at the same time, and should be started one by one and stopped one by one.

12. Mud mixers are not allowed to run in empty tanks for a long time.

The above are the precautions for the use of Horizontal Mud Agitators.