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Precautions for installation of shear pump

Precautions for installation of shear pump

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The installation position of the shear pump is as close as possible to the pumping source to shorten the length of the suction section and reduce the suction loss. The pump installation foundation should be level, firm and reliable to avoid vibration.

shear pump

(1) Installation of the inlet pipeline of the shear pump:

1. The cross-sectional area of ​​the suction pipe must be greater than or equal to the cross-sectional area of ​​the pump flow path.

2. It is not allowed to install a throttle valve in the suction pipeline, but a normally open valve can be installed to reduce the turbulence of the liquid flow. The valve can only be closed when the pump is removed for maintenance.

3. In order to avoid air bubbles in the suction pipe, the pumping source and the pump should gradually transition from high to low. If the user needs the pump to be used under suction, please use a vacuum pump or a bottom valve to divert water.

4. The pipeline at the inlet of the pump must be straight and its length shall be at least twice the diameter of the suction pipeline.

5. When the hose is used to suck the pipeline temporarily, it must be ensured that the hose is not compressed. This is because the pressure in the suction pipe is generally lower than the atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the atmospheric pressure, the hose is compressed, resulting in a decrease in flow or even a cut-off. .

(2) Shear pump outlet pipeline:

1. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the shear pump, a normally open valve should be installed in the outlet pipeline.

2. All pipelines must have their own support, and the pump is never allowed to bear the weight of the pipeline.

3. When the working conditions are unstable or unknown, a throttle valve must be installed in the outlet pipeline to ensure that the pump runs at the design point.

4. When the outlet of the shear pump is connected to the pressure equipment, a check valve must be installed between the throttle valve and the outlet of the pump to prevent the liquid from returning. Otherwise, the returning of the liquid will cause the pump to be damaged by "water hammer".