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Platform assisted drilling production in Jidong Oilfield

Platform assisted drilling production in Jidong Oilfield

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  Network news "Zhang Gong China, oil drilling pipe buckle our team is bad, you can not help from the next team to borrow one, right here waiting under it." On September 17th, at the drilling site at Liu 10-27 well, the construction team drilling engineer anxiously asked Zhang Chao for help.

  Since the beginning of this year, give full play to the advantages of Jidong Oilfield on-site supervision, actively build sharing supervision platform, through data sharing, sharing, sharing of resources, the integration of resources, to meet the needs of the construction of oilfield productivity and improve efficiency.

  Resource sharing and overall contractor advantage. The oil in the well drilling supervision and give full play to the role of bridge and link, to help coordinate the salvage tool, adapter, plugging material and guarantee the material resource sharing in the construction team with a drilling platform, highlighting the advantages of the general construction in wells at the same time, saving the crew spent transporting goods from the rear of the manpower and material resources and time, improve work efficiency.

  Data sharing for large data drilling. "In the 3 island water injection well drilling, two opened before the Dongying group, be sure to mention the density of the design limit, this is the adjacent wells Nanpu 13-1519 well drilling fluid density data, you can refer to."." On September 1st, in the South Fort No. 3 artificial island, the drilling supervisor Gao Huijie introduced the supervision data of adjacent wells to the construction team during the inspection.

  In the drilling engineering management, make full use of the "Internet plus" mode of the oil field, technology exchange organization construction, experience sharing will be held to discuss the influencing factors of drilling speed, and technical measures. From the aspects of bit optimization, trajectory control, anti collision and barrier formation, a drilling data template is constructed, a data sharing platform is built, and the drilling technical measures are further optimized to realize the technical acceleration.

  "We've just moved the number 3 on the island, on this platform wells, the most dangerous is drilled to the water layer of the well control safety, we lack most is the adjacent wells construction experience, the construction of adjacent well drilling supervision to share data to us, for us a very big help". Rig leader Cui Tongxi, who works at Fort 2-3, said.

  Sharing, to find the gap fill short board. In order to ensure the safety of the oil well control, organize all relevant units regularly carry out safety inspection, check and check well control activities, statistical analysis of the problems found, focus on the common problems of the rectification review acceptance. And pass the examination report form, project management experience, and highlights the common problems shared, let everyone learn from each other, by analogy, thus forming a set of effective management methods, and constantly improve the overall management level of well control safety.

  In addition, the oil also sent supervision technical backbone timely well assist complex treatment, on-site pressure well construction, prevent blowout accident. At the same time, analysis the timely convening of the well control complex and dangerous disposal experience, in-depth analysis from the process, the disposal process of causes, killing experience, the brothers drilling unit to the role of reference and guidance in the same block of drilling, the parties shall enhance the well control complex and dangerous disposal capacity.

  As of now, this year a total of Jidong Oilfield Drilling 111, drilled 114, total drilling footage of 400 thousand meters, of which the Nanpu 2-3 platform drilling cycle over the same period last year by 35%.

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