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Pipeline Bureau of construction of key projects at top speed

Pipeline Bureau of construction of key projects at top speed

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  - ensure progress benefits, Sino Russian second tier two to 18 days in advance through the main line section

  - ensure quality safety, welding export risks of 19 projects

  - environmental protection health assessment, hot key positions and the ability to perform their duties for HSE

  Network news reporter from the Chinese Petroleum Pipeline Bureau learned that the National Day holiday after work, and work off the pipeline bureau climax, in the engineering construction, guarantee the quality and safety protection service, environmental protection, health insurance benefits schedule, with excellent results to the nineteen Party's gift.

  Sino Russian crude oil pipeline line 2 bid section 18 days ahead of the main line, China's first maximum power reciprocating compressor DTY4500 successfully installed applications, can save about 30000000 yuan for the country. The 2.2 phase Daniela-Ronier oilfield connection pipeline project of Chad EPCC contracted by the pipeline bureau was completed ahead of schedule and completed by the owner organization at one time. A successful operation of natural gas pipeline engineering branch long visit, will benefit Changsha, Liuyang and surrounding areas, is conducive to improve the local ecological environment, improve the quality of life of residents.

  Pipeline Bureau actively promote key project construction. Xingan Ling region has entered the early winter. The Sino Russian East test section of the construction site, the roar of the machine, weld spatter, pipeline staff to maximize the use of resources fighting day and night, currently totaled 7.76 km of welding, welding qualification rate of 94.53%. Yunnan oil product pipeline project (Kunming branch) is in a critical period, pipeline staff glued to the important nodes of the project, gathered the advantages of fighting in the construction line, the current comprehensive progress of the project has more than half. In the Mu Us Desert and the Loess Plateau of Northern Shaanxi, the two projects of Shaan Jing four line and the Inner Mongolia Jing tie line are in full swing towards the goal of project production. Zhoushan brightoil depot (Hainan) in the construction of 576 pipeline employees fight hard......

  Project construction is in full swing, quality safety is the most important thing. Pipeline Bureau to "quality month" as an opportunity to carry out "promote the artisan spirit in the global promotion, enhance the quality of" theme activities, the 19 projects of the pipeline welding risk investigation work, there is a risk of the weld check confirm, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the full operation of Guan Daoan.

  66 construction site Pipeline Bureau of safety and environmental protection department of construction projects at home and abroad to carry out safety inspection of the project and the individual in violation of the relevant provisions of the safety of a ticket; to carry out organizational units assessment of key employees HSE the ability to perform their duties, job evaluation key staff of 3859 people, the 2124 level cadres of HSE enhance the ability to perform their duties to carry out training; HSE international business and social security management system internal audit, audit, implementation of quantitative pipeline four, six companies, found that the rectification of rectification of 696 issues, issued a notice of noncompliance in 57, put forward the improvement proposal 144.

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