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PetroChina Co Ltd held the first provisional shareholders' meeting in 2017

PetroChina Co Ltd held the first provisional shareholders' meeting in 2017

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  Chinese oil network news October 26th, the PetroChina Co Ltd in 2017 the first provisional shareholders' meeting held in Beijing, the meeting chaired by the chairman, China Petroleum Group Corporation chairman, chairman Wang Yilin.

  Directors of Zhang Jianhua, Xu Wenrong, Wang Dongjin, Liu Yuezhen, Liu Hongbin, Duan Liangwei, Zhang Biyi, and Germany attended the meeting.

  The general meeting of shareholders by written site voting and Internet voting combination of voting, examined and approved "on a continuing connected transaction protocol and application and update the company China Petroleum Group and joint Holding Company continuing connected transactions and matters related to the motion of" limit "on the revision of the articles of association of the company" and "rules" of the bill. The new Congress elected Wang Liang as supervisor of the company.

  To improve the corporate governance, according to the "company law", Chinese Commission and company listed on the stock exchange regulatory requirements and the relevant provisions of the State Council, the meeting revised the "articles of association" and related rules, especially the party building work request to write the articles of association of the company. In the first chapter "general" entry "according to the new" company law "and" Chinese "provisions of the constitution of the Communist Party, the company set up China organization of the Communist Party of the establishment of the party organization, party work personnel equipped with a sufficient number of security funds needed for the work of party organization. The party organization leadership core and political core role "in the company statement; in the tenth chapter" board of directors "new item" the board of directors and decide on major issues in the reform and development of the company direction, the main objectives and tasks and key work arrangements, should be to listen to the views of the party organization. When the board of directors employs the management personnel of the company, the party organization makes deliberation on the candidates nominated by the board of directors or president, and puts forward opinions and suggestions, or recommends the nomination to the board of directors and the president.

  Wang Yilin pointed out in his speech, the first half of this year, shares of the company adhere to the healthy development of policies, to increase resource extension market, promote structural adjustment and optimization, strong wind management risks, adhere to the management to enhance and deepen the reform of the business sector, all profitable, the first half of the performance was better than expected. In the second half of the year, especially since the three quarter, the situation faced by the company is still complex and severe, due to the appreciation of the rmb. At the same time, due to the upward trend of international oil prices, the chemical market continues to pick up, the company's business situation to further consolidate the situation. In the medium and long term, the development of the company also has many positive factors and favorable conditions. Especially in recent years, the company has accumulated experience in dealing with the challenges of low oil prices, and further enhance the confidence in the future development. The fourth quarter, the company will strengthen the organization of production management, around two of oil and gas industry chain business, optimize the allocation of resources and the production and marketing, strengthen the comprehensive balance and coordination, deepen the expenditure reducing efficiency, further promote the business driven economic growth and raise the value of the company.

  Wang Yilin said that in the middle of this year, the stock company will pay a special dividend on the basis of the interim dividend of 45% of the net profit of the international standard, and the dividend payout ratio will reach 100% of the net profit. In the future China oil will stick to the sustainable and flexible dividend payout policy, maximize returns to our shareholders and the company for a long time, common progress stand together through storm and stress, and hope that the attention and support of shareholders in the future as in the past Chinese petroleum development. It is believed that PetroChina will unswervingly push forward the steady development strategy, continuously create value for shareholders and enhance returns.

  Shares of the company shareholders or shareholders representing shares, the board of directors of the company and a member of the board of supervisors, company members of management, the relevant business departments, accounting firms, law firms and other institutions to participate in the meeting on behalf of.

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