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Oxygen reduction huff and puff technology in Tuha oilfield helps to increase production of heavy oil block

Oxygen reduction huff and puff technology in Tuha oilfield helps to increase production of heavy oil block

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  China oil network news at the end of September, 2 block of Tuha oilfield Lu Lu 1-6 Lu 2-6 Lu wells, wells and wells 4-6 has implemented phlogisticated air throughput test, the average daily oil well 10.72 tons.

  Since June, in the face of phlogisticated air throughput workload, well selection difficult situation, reservoir in Lukeqin oil factory technical personnel preferred Lu 2 block of 3 wells phlogisticated air throughput test, expanded phlogisticated air well selection scope.

  Lu 2 block is located in the central eastern Lukeqin heavy oil enrichment zone, an area of 1.04 square kilometers, there are 56 oil and water wells, the average single well Nissan 1.9 tons of heavy oil. In the later stage of waterflooding development, water cut rise rapidly because of heterogeneity and large ratio of oil to water viscosity. Up to now, the recovery rate of the block is 6.18%, and the comprehensive water content is 83.7%.

  The reservoir depth of Lu 2 block is shallow, the sandstone cementation is loose, and the formation sand production is serious. In the early stage, the oxygen reducing huff and puff of Lu Ping 16 well was 410 thousand cubic meters, the maximum injection pressure was 34 MPa, and the sand production in the formation was serious and could not be produced normally, resulting in an emergency shutdown of the oxygen reduction operation in Lu 2 block. After careful analysis of sand production by Lu Ping 16, the technicians believe that the sanding of this well is due to casing damage, and it can not deny the adaptability of reducing oxygen huff and puff.

  In view of the serious sand production in Lu 2 block, technicians change their ideas of implementation: postpone the implementation of horizontal wells, select the "concave S" vertical wells and take sand control measures, and control the liquid production strength after the production of the wells. After the implementation of these measures, 3 wells have achieved good results, the oil production rate is expected to rise to more than 0.5%, comprehensive water cut by 20%.

  Next, the Lu 2 block will speed up the implementation of oxygen reduction air handling, optimize the implementation of 7 vertical wells, and strive to achieve the goal of increasing production capacity.

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