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OGEM solid control oily sludge treatment system has been successfully applied in Kenya and has been highly appreciated by the customers!

OGEM solid control oily sludge treatment system has been successfully applied in Kenya and has been highly appreciated by the customers!

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  Recently, from the Kenya oilfield project good news, said OGEM solid control set of sewage sludge treatment system equipped with their refineries in the field of stable operation has been working continuously for more than a month's time, sludge treatment effect is very ideal, the fault does not appear during operation, obtains the customer high praise.

  This set of sewage sludge treatment system, is the last OGEM solid control for oily sludge a tailored sludge treatment system of Kenya petroleum refinery The whole system is the whole process of tracking, modular manufacturing, and is divided into 4 modules:

  Module 1: sludge transport module, composed of a sludge vacuum pump, the pump can transport sludge, solid content can reach 80%., replacing the traditional excavator.

  Module two: pre mixing, dosing, mixing, chemicals can be used to remove crude oil from the sludge inside.

  Module three: separation part, mainly using a drill cuttings drying sieve and centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, this part of the separated liquid solid content less than 0.5%, the solid phase inside the oil rate of less than 2%.

  Module four: for oil-water separation system, the separated liquid phase can be separated from oil and water. Finally, the crude oil can be returned to the oil refinery for refining and treatment, and the water can be recycled.

  Why has OGEM solid control has been recognized by customers, there are three main reasons:

  Reason 1: [trustworthy quality assurance]

  Our company is a solid control equipment and system manufacturing enterprises, has passed the ISO9001:2008 international certification of production quality inspection team in order, strict inspection of each link, and in the equipment after the completion of commissioning the whole solid control system, to ensure that customers can work safely and normally until. The company has established an experienced quality inspection team and established a perfect product quality inspection standard process. Products commissioned by the Tangshan City Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a third party inspection.

  Reason two [competitive price]

  Our company is located in the capital of iron and steel, Tangshan, with the advantages of raw materials, at the same time, Tangshan is a heavy industrial city, where the workers are good at mechanical processing work, adequate labor. And all of the main solid control equipment is our own research and development, production, can control the cost. We also reduce costs by outsourcing part processing.

  Reason three [reputation is guaranteed, say which do which]

  My company to do the program for each customer will give detailed introduction clearly, what material, how long will it take to completion and so on, and we will do according to said, what to do, for each customer to provide credit guarantee, which makes more and more customers to contact us!

  Warm prompt: OGEM solid control company has always regarded reputation and quality as the cornerstone of its development, and comprehensively implemented the enterprise tenet of "unity, innovation, truth-seeking and honesty". Provide high quality service, high quality products, is always Tangshan OGEM solid control the pursuit of forever! We would like the basis of equality and mutual benefit with all the friends sincere cooperation and seek common development! Welcome your consultation: 0315-2648088!