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March 22, 2018, three minutes of global energy information (drop)

March 22, 2018, three minutes of global energy information (drop)

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  Today's oil price

    International oil prices rose on 20 days, and the New York market closed at $63.40 a barrel. Analysts say the market has raised concerns about the tension in the Middle East that could affect oil production and boosted the rise of international oil prices on the day. As of the day's close, the New York mercantile exchange for April delivery of light crude oil futures prices rose 1.34 dollars, closed at 63.40 dollars a barrel, a 2.16% increase. The price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in May rose by $1.37, up at $67.42 a barrel, up 2.07%.
International Energy Information
    India's Economic Times reported that the oil giant Saudi Arabian Amy is trying to buy a majority stake in India's western refinery and petrochemical plant, worth 3 trillion rupees (about 46 billion 100 million U.S. dollars). Saudi Amy is also talking with India's state-run refiners about the marketing rights of fuel and petrochemical products produced by petrochemical plants, and to ensure that most of the oil used in refineries comes from Saudi Arabia. Saudi aramin's move is aimed at defeating Iraq as the largest supplier of crude oil in India, and India is the third largest oil importer in the world.
    The evening of March 18th, Franz energy (22.860, 0, 0%) (002828) announcement, intends to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Xinjiang Oil Service Co. Ltd. Bacon (tentative name), is mainly responsible for the Xinjiang Tarim oilfield engineering services market development and technical service upgrade. The company will invest in installments, and the first phase will be financed by monetary funds, and will pay the registered capital after the assessment of the physical assets.
    According to a report released by UNESCO, it is estimated that about 3 billion 600 million people face water scarcity at least once a month. By 2050, this figure will probably increase to 5 billion 700 million. In March 19th, the United Nations World Water Development Report released in 2018, the report said that the global demand for water has been growing at a rate of about 1% per year, and will continue to grow significantly in the next 20 years. The report says that natural - based solutions (NBS) are of great significance to improving water quality, increasing water supply and reducing the impact of natural disasters.
    In 2017, the vigorous development of oil production in the United States, pipeline continuous expansion, increasing export capacity; at the same time, West Texas crude oil spot price compared to the price of Brent crude fell more than $3 a barrel, lead to a surge in U.S. oil exports. In 2018, the US's overseas exports continued to increase. In addition to its three key factors, the increase in output, export capacity and the increase in WTI-Brent spreads, it was largely due to the fact that OPEC's export share in Asia has been reduced and severely frustrated.
    In March 19th, Trump signed an administrative order to prohibit the use of all digital money transactions issued by the Venezuelan government by US citizens and other individuals in the US, the US law enforcement entities and their overseas branches. The ban comes into effect at 12:15 on the 19 day of the US east time. The digital currency referred to is issued by the Venezuelan government or its agent in January 9th and after this year. The move is intended to respond to the Venezuelan government's approach to circumventing American sanctions and issuing digital currencies.
    According to Dow Jones March 16th, Holland Royal Shell group has begun to withdraw from New Zealand. The company has concluded a deal to sell it to OMV in the energy assets of New Zealand for 578 million US dollars. The deal with OMV, a Austria oil and gas producer, includes Shell's rights and interests in eight New Zealand businesses, including the sale of Shell's stake in Great South Basin joint venture and about 50 million dollars in drilling commitments.
    Kazakhstan energy minister Bo Zoe Mbaye J said, for the implementation of "karaozek - Zhezkazgan - Karaganda - temirtau - Astana natural gas pipeline construction, the Ministry has set up a working group and to formulate the construction plan. Before June the Ministry will work with the Ministry of finance, Samuluke - Card zehner national fund departments determine the financing plan and conditions before July in conjunction with the investment and development department and other departments to complete the project construction, land acquisition and budget approval, is expected in December 2019 natural gas pipeline project all completed.