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March 16, 2018, three minutes of global energy information (up)

March 16, 2018, three minutes of global energy information (up)

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Today's oil price
International oil prices rose in 15 days in New York to $61.19 per barrel and U.S. gasoline inventories were reduced, and international oil prices continued to rise on 15 days. As of the day's closing, the New York mercantile exchange for April delivery of light crude oil futures prices rose $0.23, a barrel of $61.19, a 0.38% increase. The price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in May rose by $0.23, up at $65.12 a barrel, up 0.35%.
Today's headline
[Sinopec, Jiujiang refinery, the explosion of a refinery caused 2 deaths and 1 injuries.] in March 12th, the official micro-blog of Sinopec Jiujiang branch (hereinafter referred to as Jiujiang petrochemical) announced that at 16:15 on the same day, the company's oil refining device was on fire, and the fire was extinguished after 17:20. The accident resulted in 2 deaths and 1 injuries, and the cause was under investigation.
The Deepwater semi submersible drilling platform "offshore oil 982" is officially delivered. The sixth generation deep-water semi submersible drilling platform built by China, "offshore oil 982", was officially delivered on 14 in Dalian. "Marine oil 982" 104.5 meters long, the maximum operation depth of 1500 meters, the maximum drilling depth of 9144 meters. The delivery of the platform will further optimize the high end equipment echelon of the deepwater drilling.
Energy information in China
NDRC: [the price of gasoline and diesel is not adjusted] according to the NDRC news, the recent international oil prices fluctuate slightly, compared to the average price of 10 working days before the March 14th 10 before the average price in February 28th days, the price adjustment amount less than 50 yuan per ton, the gasoline and diesel prices are not adjusted.
[application of bio fuel ethanol production will be the promotion of the market demand in 2020 will reach 13 million tons] from NDRC, the Ministry informed that, according to the China "on the expansion of bio fuel ethanol production and promote the use of ethanol gasoline in the implementation of the programme" and other policy documents in the year following the continued production and promotion to promote bio fuel ethanol further, improve the use and application of fuel ethanol. It is generally believed that this will effectively solve many existing agricultural problems in China, and will also brew a bigger market space for the biofuel ethanol industry.
The high quality and high efficiency construction of gas storage is a major project for the people's livelihood. We must steadily push forward the work of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing so as to solve the problem of the imbalance between supply and demand in the natural gas market in winter. To increase the gas storage construction, operation and maintenance of technical problems breakthrough storage of new projects and high quality, is an important way to solve China's natural gas industry in the winter and summer peak bottleneck.
[Changqing Sulige gas field first inspection robot "post practice"), in March 11th, Changqing gas field first patrol robot at the Soviet 54-2 station began on-site testing.  This indicates that the intelligent construction work of the four works of gas production has entered the substantive stage. In 2018, the four gas production plant planned to put 3 patrol robots into operation. The robot patrol station changed the traditional periodic patrol to designated patrol, which greatly improved the work efficiency, reduced the number of market forces and saved operation cost.
[Zhejiang coastal energy artery] officially opened before the Sinopec Yongtaiwen pipeline depots and supporting a successful investment in oil, achieved through Zhejiang coastal energy artery. The starting point for the Beilun District of Ningbo City Zhenhai oil depot of Wenzhou and calculates the end point, Ruian Binhai depot, a total length of 413 km, can carry 92 gasoline, 95 gasoline, diesel and diesel two categories 4 varieties; designed annual output capacity of 4 million 600 thousand tons, a total investment of 2 billion 300 million yuan.
[China oil storage capacity to accelerate the construction of long-term force] in the 2017 heating season, China oil reservoir recovery peak volume 7 billion 410 million, peak load capacity of natural gas accounted for 4.88% of sales, the daily maximum load capacity of 80 million Party, has become increasingly prominent role in the supply of natural gas peak shaving. In order to increase the gas storage and other infrastructure construction, China petroleum gas company was established in 2016, sales of natural gas reserves, to develop a unified standard from the project, design, construction, operation, maintenance and waste disposal of whole life cycle, and take Daqing, Pingdingshan, Huaian, the Chuzhou, Liaohe, Dagang Lei 61 Lieju River, Zhejiang the 7 gas storage project construction.
The development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry is a green and efficient two energy energy, which is widely used and has broad prospects. "NPC and CPPCC" period, the CPPCC National Committee, China Dongfang Electric Group Ltd. chairman Zou Lei suggested that the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry, support the development of advanced manufacturing industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional equipment manufacturing industry, the construction of modern economic power system. Fuel cell is a highly efficient and clean way to make the best use of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles with its high energy density, long mileage, zero emissions and hydrogenation can be as convenient as gasoline and other advantages, has been hailed as the "ultimate solution of new energy vehicles" (
The data released by the National Bureau of statistics on 14 days shows that China's natural gas imports increased substantially in the month of 1-2, according to the data from the National Bureau of statistics for 5 months. 7 million 770 thousand tons of natural gas and 6 million 940 thousand tons of natural gas were imported in January and February respectively, up 33.5% and 41% year on year, and increased rapidly in the 5 month of last October.
Sinopec denounced 5 billion 700 million yuan to go to Africa successfully. Recently, the South African competition court announced that it had approved the acquisition of Sinopec as high as 900 million yuan (5 billion 700 million yuan). The acquisition has not only become Sinopec's largest single investment in Africa yet, but also marks the international expansion of Sinopec and the next city, which has gained a solid foothold in the important African market. It further lays the foundation for its internationalization.
International Energy Information
[Mexico September held the first tender] announced on the shale gas management department of Mexico oil shale development rights will be held before the tender in September this year. The bidding for a total of 9, is located at the junction of the northwest United Tamaulipas Province, Mexico's national oil company had drilled 20 wells, won the right to develop the company enjoys the development block of conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources right. Official data show that the unconventional oil and gas resources of these blocks are about 1 billion 160 million barrels of oil equivalent, and there are 53 million barrels of oil equivalent conventional oil and gas resources. The development of shale oil and gas resources in these blocks will face many challenges, because the local infrastructure is extremely scarce and seriously short of water, which is not conducive to hydraulic fracturing operation.
US Secretary of state resigned or disrupted the oil market. The new secretary of state will push up oil prices. Royal Bank of China capital market analyst said Tiller's departure may have a significant impact on the global oil market. He believes that the new secretary of state Pompeio is likely to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear agreement and impose further sanctions on Venezuela, which will become a catalyst to drive up oil prices.
[Ukraine 3 years of natural gas consumption declining] Ukraine's Prime Minister Gro Eastman said recently that by 2020, Ukraine or 5 billion party to reduce consumption of natural gas. He pointed out that in 2014, public heating and government agencies consumed 24 billion party natural gas, while 2017 was 18 billion, and it was expected to be only 13 billion by 2020.
[Trump relieves Tillerson's oil price or growth.] in March 13, 2018, President Trump released the news on social networking site: "relieving the post of secretary of state Tillerson", CIA director Pompeio was nominated as the new secretary of state of the United States. Tillerson's sudden dismissal, the future of international oil prices may be boosted. The possible cause of the rise in oil prices is the impact of the event on Iran and Venezuela. In addition, the industry analysis, Pompeo Sen replaced Tiller after he took office, Iran will bring greater uncertainty, but also may make the Venezuelan oil exports decreased.
[Germany's energy market structure change: Yi ang and Rhine asset swap] the reorganized E.ON will focus on grid business and provide solutions for downstream customers, hoping to become an innovative force behind the energy transformation in Europe. RWE will become a more pure power producer, combining its original traditional power generation resources with regenerated renewable energy assets.
After ten years of planning the world's largest floating natural gas export plant, Shell will be the first to be excavated by competitors of Holland Shell Companies. According to Wood Mackenzie (Wood Mackenzie) consulting company, Shell and Japan's international petroleum development Dili stone Holdings (Inpex) a reservoir connected companies are targeting Australia's remote Brauss basin natural gas in the basin from the northwest coast about 200 kilometers (125 miles). According to the planned start date of this month, the Japanese international oil development of the stone Ichthys liquefied natural gas project has more advantages than Shell's Prelude liquefied natural gas project.
[Garner's oil industry will flourish] Garner's economic growth will reach 8.3% in 2018, making it one of the fastest growing countries in the world economy. This is mainly due to the development of the oil industry. According to Africa Insurance Consulting Senior Consultant Imad Mesdoua said Garner, the oil industry will usher in prosperity, and the rise in oil prices, expanding the production and the signing of the new agreement with Italy Eni, Tullow oil etc. are the main driving factors.
Should it be "a flash in the pan"? ] is to reverse the economic decline, the Venezuelan government before the date of sale of encrypted digital tokens "oil money". The operation of the currency is still based on block chain technology, but unlike the current de centralization of encrypted digital tokens, the currency needs to rely on the Venezuelan government. At the same time, the oil currency is also facing multiple prospect risks such as uncontrollable circulation, tightened regulatory environment, government reduction, and the new political party.