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March 12, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

March 12, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

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[International oil prices rose 9 days in New York to $62.04] and the number of oil wells in the US oil field declined for the first time for the first time in 7 weeks, showing a reduction in American shale oil production. As of the day's close, the New York mercantile exchange for April delivery of light crude oil futures prices rose 1.92 dollars, closed at 62.04 dollars a barrel, a 3.19% increase. The price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in May rose by $1.88, up at $65.49 a barrel, up 2.96%.
[Huaxin energy acquisitions Rosneft deposit uncertainty] Phoenix International iMarkets news Beijing time on March 12th, according to Bloomberg, according to the integrity of the international credit rating, after media reports, Chinese Huaxin energy uncertainty of trading Russia Russian energy giant oil companies acquired equity. According to a notice China net currency issued in March 8th, CCXI from China Huaxin energy subsidiary Shanghai Huaxin International Group was informed that the deal appears to delay the progress of. CCXI: Shanghai Huaxin International Group with its own funds to pay the amount larger, the late payment of the price of the transaction is highly dependent on external financing.
[China's self built deepwater geophysical bow to South America] before the date of our operation, independent construction, the most advanced new deepwater two-dimensional geophysical exploration ship "offshore oil 760" officially opened "The Belt and Road" countries along the South America Argentina sea seismic exploration, this is the first 2D seismic acquisition project Chinese CNOOC in South america. The acquisition cable of "marine oil 760" is 12000 meters long, which is the first time in the overseas two dimensional exploration history of marine geophysical prospecting in China.
[Oil market or super oil producing countries' Organization] according to foreign media reports, a group of 14 OPEC members and 10 non OPEC oil producers headed by Russia may appear at the end of 2018. At the moment, the two sides are actively seeking ways to institutionalize some of the temporary cooperation and strive for the introduction of the relevant draft agreements before the end of the year. The oil minister of the United Arab Emirates hopes the agreement will be awarded to the 24 member states. The term of the agreement framework will exceed the time limit for the current implementation of the reduction agreement.
[Shell Blackstone bid $10 billion to acquire BHP Billiton, USA shale assets] according to Reuters, Shell and Blackstone Group are preparing to jointly Acquire $10 billion for BHP Billiton's US shale assets. The president of BHP Billiton said that the company will consider replacing some competitors' offshore assets with some land oil and gas assets as part of its withdrawal from the US shale business.
[global oil demand growth will shift to petrochemical sector], the International Energy Agency said recently that the main driving force for global oil and natural gas demand growth in the next five years will come from petrochemical products instead of gasoline and diesel fuel sectors. This change is a major challenge for the petroleum industry, because many petrochemical products will use natural gas as raw material to produce, which will greatly reduce the demand for petrochemical raw materials from refineries.
The global offshore drilling company [140%] this year will increase the amount of offshore drilling company Transocean said the day before, with oil prices gradually return to a relatively reasonable level, in the downturn period of budget cuts and cancel high risk drilling project and focus on safety and low cost of shale oil and gas drilling company will once again turn to the offshore business, is expected in 2018 the global offshore drilling company work amount will be increased to 140%.