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Maintenance and maintenance of HDD drilling desilter

Maintenance and maintenance of HDD drilling desilter

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1) The incoming liquid first enters the HDD drilling desilter for sand removal. The difference in centrifugal force generated by the density difference between the liquid and the sand is used to separate the sand. The separated sand falls into the sand box, and the separated liquid goes to the oil pipeline.

HDD drilling desilter
2) Open the water replenishment valve to ensure that the sand box is filled with water to the specified water level, start the sand washing pump, first open the bypass, and use the pump and the jet nozzle arranged at the bottom of the sand box to clean the sand, and then close the bypass to make the sand washing pump remove the sand. The water mixture is lifted into the sand washing cyclone for sand water separation, the water is returned to the sand box, and the sand is sent to the sand storage pit or other sand storage facilities.
3) During this process, a certain amount of oil will inevitably accumulate in the sand box, and the external supplementary water pipe will be used to replenish water in the sand box. During this process, the oil and water floating on it will flow into the overflow chamber through the overflow weir. The excess oil-water mixture is lifted into the oil pipeline by a lift pump located in the overflow chamber. The overflow chamber is equipped with high and low liquid level switches, which can realize automatic and manual control of pump operation. During the sand removal process of the oil well, when the liquid level in the sand box rises to a high level due to the inflow of the sand liquid into the sand box, the lift pump will start automatically without any management, and when the liquid level drops to a low level, The pump is automatically stopped to realize the fluctuation of the liquid volume caused by the change of the discharge of the sand removal port due to the change of the oil well working conditions when the device is unattended, so as to avoid pollution.

Maintenance and maintenance of HDD drilling desilter:
1. The screen box locking bolts must be removed before the first use of the newly purchased HDD drilling desilter or the first use after moving.
2. When the cyclone is out of use for a long time, it must be cleaned with clean water to prevent the accumulation of dry sand in the cyclone.
3. Grease the vibration motor every 1500~2500 hours, and the oil filling amount for each bearing is 5~10ml.
4. After the HDD drilling desilter is stopped, the screen should be cleaned to prevent the sediment from drying out and unable to be used next time.