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Main function of drilling mud agitator in excavation work and maintenance and management skills

Main function of drilling mud agitator in excavation work and maintenance and management skills

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Drilling mud agitator is an indispensable machine in excavation work, and it is also very important for excavation work. The drilling mud agitator plays a very important role in excavation. Mud mixer is one of the indispensable machinery in drilling operation, which is used to maintain the uniformity of drilling fluid and suspend solid particles. So specifically, what is the main function of drilling mud agitator in use?

drilling mud agitator

1. The main role of drilling mud agitator in excavation work.

1. Drilling mud agitator is mainly used for mixing cement, sand and gravel, various dry powder mortars and other building materials. This is a machine in which a shaft with blades rotates in a cylinder or tank to stir and mix various raw materials into a mixture or suitable consistency. There are many kinds of mixers, such as forced mixer, single-shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer and so on. It has the advantages of large torque transmission, stable operation and reliable operation.

2. Drilling mud agitator can mix and stir building materials to provide the required materials for the project. This is the basic function of the blender. At the time of construction, there must be mixed materials, and the required quantity will certainly be large, then the mixer can play its role, it can be a good mix of the materials that need to be mixed, and provide the required materials for the project to ensure Smooth construction.

3. Drilling mud agitator can save labor costs, because manual mixing is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also pays workers, and the construction quantity of materials is generally large, so it is very expensive to ask people to complete the mixing, not only the cost is high, but it may not be ideal for mixing machine, so the benefits of a blender are great.

4. Drilling mud agitator can improve the speed of the project. Since the mixer has a very high working efficiency, it is much faster than the manual mixer, so it can increase the progress of the project and improve the construction efficiency.

2. Maintenance and management skills of drilling mud agitator in excavation work.

1. Before the testing machine, check whether the connection parts are loose, and tighten if necessary.

2. The operation management personnel should check the reducer through the oil level, the amount of lubricating oil in the gear box and whether it is sufficient. When the lubricating oil is insufficient, the lubricating oil of the same type should be fully utilized.

3. Check the seal of the oil drain plug to see if there is oil leakage. When the oil leaks, tighten the faucet.

4. During the trial operation, mainly observe whether the whole machine is stable and whether the noise is too large. If there is any abnormality, the detection should be stopped immediately, and normal operation should be resumed after troubleshooting.

5. After entering the normal operation of the enterprise, within 5 days at most, all the lubricating oil system in the gear box of drilling mud agitator shall be drained out, so that the inside of the gear box shall be clean, and a clean lubricating oil shall be replaced, and then it shall be replaced in 6 months.