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Main features of Vertical Cutting Dryer

Main features of Vertical Cutting Dryer

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1. The Vertical Cutting Dryer has high thermal efficiency. Except for a small amount of heat radiation and heat loss from the end cover of the cylinder, most of the heat supplied in the cylinder is used for the vaporization of moisture, and the thermal efficiency can be as high as 70% -80%.

Vertical Cutting Dryer
2. The Vertical Cutting Dryer has a high drying rate. The heat transfer and mass transfer process of the wet material film on the cylinder wall are in the same direction from the inside to the outside, and the temperature gradient is large, so that the surface of the material film maintains a high evaporation intensity.
3. The drying quality of the product is stable. The heating mode of the drum is easy to control, the temperature in the drum and the heat transfer rate of the partition wall can be kept relatively stable, so that the material film can be dried in a stable heat transfer state, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed.
4. Wide application range. The liquid phase material dried by the drum must have fluidity, adhesion and stability to heat. The form of the material can be a solution, a heterogeneous suspension, an emulsion, a sol, etc. It can also be used for ribbon-shaped materials such as paper pulp, textiles and celluloid.
5. The production capacity of a single machine is limited by the size of the cylinder. Generally, the drying area of ​​the drum dryer should not be too large.
The drying area of ​​a single cylinder seldom exceeds 12 square meters of equipment of the same specification. Its ability to process material and liquid is also affected by factors such as material liquid properties, moisture content control, material film thickness, drum speed and other factors. The range of changes is large, generally In the range of 50-2000kg/h.
6. The Vertical Cutting Dryer heating medium is simple and convenient.
7. The scraper is easy to wear and has a short service life. After the cylinder is corroded by the material liquid and worn under the cutting state of the scraper, it is difficult to repair and must be replaced.